Are Your Selected High-Pressure Cleaners Able to Handle the Pressure


Shoppers looking for a high-pressure cleaner will often need to give some thought to how much pressure is really required by the washer they invest in. When it comes to high-pressure cleaners, the pressure output of each unit is measured in pounds per square inch, otherwise known as PSI. Your PSI requirements will depend on the desired end result, which means that you need to consider what you are trying to clean. For example, if you are cleaning oil from a driveway or mould from an outside wall, you will require more pressure than you would if you were cleaning dust or mud.


The GPM rating is just as important as the PSI rating. The GPM (Gallons Per Minute) measures how much water your pressure cleaner puts out in the space of a minute. In situations when the GPM is higher, the pressure cleaner outputs higher pressure, which equates to faster, more efficient cleaning.


Choosing the right pressure cleaners all comes down to understanding what sort of pressure you need. To determine what capacity you require, you will need to know just how much pressure is needed to effectively clean various objects, materials, and surfaces. Some consumers feel that they must buy high-pressure cleaners with the highest PSI ratings, but that’s not always a wise decision. For instance, if you are never going to need to clean anything needing a PSI higher than 2 000, then it’s considered a fair waste of money if you invest in a washer with a 2 500 or 3 000 PSI rating. It’s all about making informed purchasing decisions and taking potential future cleaning tasks and projects into consideration. Buying high-pressure cleaners with a PSI rating that is lower than required is not really a way to save, as you will spend more time and effort on cleaning, and you will also overwork the machine, which could reduce its expected life span.


Use the following as a guideline when shopping around for high-pressure cleaners:


  • BBQ grills, vehicles, & bikes: you can use any PSI rating from 1 500 up to 4 000.
  • Decking: you can use any PSI rating from 2 600 to 4 000.
  • Driveways: you can use either 3 000 or 4 000 PSI units safely.
  • Paint stripping and cleaning graffiti: a 4 000 PSI rating is required to do this type of cleaning.


At Bestline Manufacturing, we present the market with a range of high-pressure cleaners ideal for industrial environments, manufacturing environments, and even in the home. Whether you need a high-pressure cleaner to clean your construction trucks, or to clean oil and grime off your workshop floor, you can find what you need right here at Bestline Manufacturing. For more information and advice on choosing the right high-pressure cleaners for your needs, contact us via email or telephone at Bestline Manufacturing today.