Industrial Pressure Washer Pumps for High Pressure Cleaners

When it comes to major cleaning challenges, buckets of water, soap and possibly disinfectant won’t cut it. Buying all the components needed for heavy-duty industrial cleaning can be a costly exercise. What you need is a high pressure cleaner that is compact, versatile and suitable for all types of industrial applications.

Effective Cleaning Solutions for Various Industries

For small- and medium-sized tools, elbow grease can be used, but in the construction and mining industry, it is impossible to clean concrete mixers, bulldozers or earthmoving equipment with a simple wet sponge. The lack of proper cleaning can reduce the functionality and increase the wear and tear of tools and vehicles.

The biggest cost factor for any type of business is downtime and finding cleaning solutions that will eliminate that, specifically when it comes to earthmoving equipment, is vital. Solids, sand and mud need to be removed from these vehicles quickly and this is done through heavy-duty wash bays supplied with high pressure cleaners. As these high pressure cleaners need to operate at a higher rate of force, the pump must be able to handle it.

When it comes to high pressure cleaners for heavy equipment in need of a pump that lasts, Cat Pumps provide continuous duty applications. Running for hours on end, the pump can keep up with the demanding pace required by this industry. Routine cleaning will help avoid costly shutdowns and increased maintenance costs.

high-pressure-cleaners-and-common-usesAt the Heart of it All

At the heart of any industrial cleaning equipment is its pump. Without it, your high pressure cleaner will be ineffective. The pump transfers energy from the motor or engine to move water and wash solutions under high pressure to the nozzle. As the pump needs to withstand system pressures and work with a variety of fluids, it has a tough job to do. Whether you use a high pressure cleaner intermittently or during the whole day, a quality pump is vital to a trouble-free and long-lasting service.

The Pump that Keeps on Pumping

As a high pressure cleaner is an investment that needs to last, you need to find one that optimises product life and performance. Cat Pumps are designed and built for this purpose. Specially formulated seals and high-density polished ceramic plungers offer extensive hours of trouble-free use, with little to no maintenance needed. Stainless steel valves, seats and springs provide corrosion resistance, positive seating and long life, making these pumps suitable for continuous use. A wet seal design increases the life of the pump by allowing the pumped fluids to cool and lubricate the elastomers on both sides.

Whether portable or stationary, Cat Pumps will provide a solution for every high pressure cleaner washing application.

Get Advice from the Professionals

When it comes to high pressure cleaners for industrial use, turn to the professionals in the field, Bestline Manufacturing. We have been supplying businesses, both industrial and commercial, with pumping solutions for over 50 years, and are the sole franchise holders of Cat Pumps in South Africa. From dust suppression equipment to underground water and jetting equipment, and all the accessories you need for your pumps, we can assist you. Contact us today.

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