Save Time, Money and Water with a High Pressure Cleaner

Vast quantities of potable water are essential to sustain the world’s animal and plant life. However, in the wake of the industrial revolution, humans have found many more ways to consume this vital liquid – ways that have become equally vital to our day-to-day existence. Inevitably, we are now facing a global water shortage and the need to use this precious natural reserve more conservatively. Nevertheless, cleaning tasks are also essential. Fortunately, a high pressure cleaner offers owners a means to perform such jobs more effectively while also contributing to the global effort to conserve water.

domestic-high-pressure-washers-a-first-time-buyers-guideWhen accelerating a water jet sufficiently, it can cut through steel or even diamond, the hardest of all known minerals. At just a fraction of that acceleration, a jet washer offers a perfect means to dislodge even the most deeply-ingrained dirt from surfaces and objects. That said, surely buckets of water and a chamois leather must be a more conservative method to clean the car than a garden hose. Technically, that’s true. While a garden hose might supply the feedwater, a high pressure cleaner reduces its flow rate to raise its pressure. Consequently, the jet from these devices is not only far more powerful than a standard garden hose, but it also uses markedly less water for each minute it operates.

A high-pressure pump provides the necessary acceleration. The high pressure cleaner’s constricted outlet and adjustable nozzle on a hand-held extension known as a wand serve as the means to trade the increased flow rate for power. The inverse relationship between these two physical parameters allows each to be controlled by adjusting the motor speed or the nozzle. At sufficiently high pressure, the cleaner will cut through even the toughest grime with ease. Once the dirt is dislodged, reducing power provides a little extra flow for more efficient rinsing. Compared to traditional methods, these devices can reduce water consumption by as much as 75 per cent when performing identical tasks.

For a business such as an earthmoving company, where cleaning tends to be ongoing, such savings are more than just a means to reduce its environmental impact. When in regular use for many hours each day, a drive-through high pressure cleaner installation can also help reduce the company’s operating costs while taking far less time and labour to get essential equipment and vehicles back in service.

If you would like to learn more about the many applications for this innovative cleaning technology and purchase quality products, talk to an expert at Bestline Manufacturing about its range of dirt-busting high pressure cleaners.