High-Pressure Cleaners


The dispensing of pressurised to cleaning liquids is used in a variety of machinery, including high-pressure cleaners. The simplest way to explain how pressure can influence the behaviour of liquid is by taking the example of partially blocking the opening of a water hose with your thumb to create a stronger jet of water from the hosepipe and allowing the water’s pressure to remove surface debris or gravel from your porch or the body panels of your vehicles when washing them. This proves the effectiveness of the concept of high-pressure cleaners, delivering a system that is highly effective through adding extra force behind the flowing liquid to take care of two tasks at the same time.


Should you be looking for high-pressure cleaners for use at your business, Bestline Manufacturing can offer some solutions that will suit your applications, with a wide range of powerful and durable CAT pumps to use in a high-pressure vehicle wash bay for your business. Our heavy-duty vehicle wash bays are effective and will keep your fleet of vehicles sparkling clean to make the best possible first impression on your clients. Today, we will look at our high-pressure vehicle wash bays and how they can make a difference in your work environment.


Heavy-Duty Vehicle Wash Bays Using High-Pressure Cleaning

A large number of delivery and transportation vehicles need to be cleaned after a long day’s work to prepare them for the road ahead and the jobs they have to do the following day. Keeping these vehicle fleets clean is a big job and a crucial part of these businesses, as they cannot afford to put dirty vehicles in the public eye. This is where Bestline Manufacturing offers a solution with our custom-built heavy-duty vehicle wash bays, delivering a viable, fast, and effective way of cleaning your fleet of vehicles at the end of a day or the beginning of a long journey. We use powerful heavy-duty pump units to ensure that vehicles such as trucks, buses, vans, and bakkies are spotless after they have emerged from the wash bay.


We offer semi-automatic and drive-through systems to give you the versatility in design to choose an ideal wash-bay setup for your work environment. We use durable and powerful CAT pumps to optimise the efficiency of your wash bay and to ensure that the system will work reliably, well into the future. As a result, you now have a viable option for ensuring that your vehicle fleet always puts their best wheel forward when hitting the road on deliveries or transportation jobs. We offer other high-pressure cleaner solutions as well, taking full advantage of our selection of powerful CAT pumps and using them in high-pressure cleaners for various industries. Adding some pressure when dispensing cleaning liquids have always been highly effective at cleaning various surfaces in a short time and now you can also use this concept to your business’s benefit.


Bestline Manufacturing offers various pressure-pump solutions for the commercial and industrial sectors, including high-pressure cleaners for a wide range of applications. For more information, feel free to peruse our website for details or contact us directly with any further enquiries.