High Pressure Cleaners for Sale – Check Before You Buy

Whether you want to strip pain from wall, remove stubborn grease from hard surfaces, wash your driveway, or just one in case you need it one day, high pressure cleaners are a great investment usually capable of lasting years. Combined with a guarantee and good looking after, chances are you won’t need to look for high pressure cleaners for sale in Johannesburg any time in the foreseeable future. Of course, that’s only if you buy one with reliable components, all of which work as they should. Here are a couple of inspection tips we’ve compiled to help you with your purchase.

New or Used?

High pressure cleaners are available in both new and used conditions. Used machines will obviously have suffered some wear and tear by the time it is put up for purchase, which means extra careful attention should be paid prior to the exchange of currency. New machines on the other hand should be researched. The internet provides an almost endless pool of user experiences with these machines and their components. These opinions can be used to make an informed buying decision.

Pump Inspection

The pump of the machine is its most important part since it builds the pressure which lies at the core of the machine’s functionality. In used machines the pump seals should be paid special attention to since these are more prone to wear and tear than other parts of the pump. Should a belt-drive model be chosen, the belt should be carefully examined for signs of damage.

In new machines it might simply be enough to research the pump make and model; a Cat pump, for instance, is one of the most reliable names in the industry, and can therefore be trusted to last a very long time. Again the internet can be used as a source of reference, not only to read up on the pump, but to make a decision based on the experiences of others.

Pump accessories such as hoses and nozzles are next on the inspection list: hairline cracks or warped surfaces are sure indications of factory faults or damaged components, and will more than likely end up being costly to repair.

Test Before You Invest

Perhaps the surest way of knowing you made the right decision is by testing the machine while on the seller’s premises (and before a currency exchange takes place). Prudence suggests taking a contaminated sample of the surface you’ll be cleaning with the machine to use as a test surface. Aside from confirming that the surface can be cleaned by the device, pay attention to any potential leaks (oil & water).

Finally, if you’re still unsure even after everything checks out, call someone knowledgeable in high pressure cleaners for sale in your local Johannesburg area. Making the right choice is important, since high pressure pumps are made to last, and could therefore cost quite a penny.