Top-Quality High-Pressure Cleaners for Any Job


Equipment such as high-pressure cleaners can make use of the strength of water being jetted at high pressures. Water jetting can be used for surface blasting and underground jetting for clearing blockages in pipelines. At lower pressures, it can also be used for micro-misting and dust suppression; in fact, the possibilities are nearly endless. Therefore, it only makes sense that industrial cleaners would utilise the same type of technology to get the job done.


Large commercial vehicles are difficult to wash due to their size and earthmoving vehicles even more difficult, thanks to their awkward shapes and propensity to get very dirty. We deliver solutions for both, with our custom-built high-pressure vehicle wash bays. We can manufacture a custom commercial vehicle wash bay or an earthmoving vehicle wash bay using cleaners that dispense water at high pressure. Therefore, you can be assured that your vehicle fleet can be properly washed after a long day on the road or at the site. The concept of surface blasting can also be used in other areas.


When using high-pressure cleaners, the force of the water being jetted from the spray nozzles is so great that it blasts away the build-up of dirt and grime on the targeted surfaces with surprising ease and speed. Surface blasting can also be used to clean industrial buildings’ floors, which are commonly made from cement or concrete. Both these types of surfaces are typically tough enough to be cleaned with a powerful jet of water. As a result, surface blasting is a feasible method to wash such floors.


Dust-suppression equipment works in a similar way to high-pressure cleaners, although they are not designed to propel the water at high velocities from their spray nozzles. In contrast, these systems spray fine droplets of water into the air to trap dust particles. The purpose is to purify the air for a healthier environment, which is a feasible solution in workshops or similar places where dust can be a health risk. We manufacture our products to suit the preferences of our customers. Now, you can utilise such a system for your business too.


Bestline Manufacturing is your first choice regarding high-pressure cleaners in Johannesburg. We offer custom-built solutions to suit your work environment and cleaning needs. We also feature an extensive selection of CAT Pumps to ensure that your equipment has the power to perform. Please contact us with any enquiries on our available products today. Utilise the power of industrial-grade cleaning equipment for your business with us on your side.