Why You Need High Pressure Cleaners for Sewer Blockage Removal

Sewer lines must be kept open to facilitate the flow of water and waste from structures to the relevant plants. However, debris, soil, and waste build-up in the sewer lines can cause blockages. To this end, high pressure cleaners are needed to remove the blockages and thus open up the flow area. Trees are often one of the main causes of sewer line blockages. Roots penetrate the joints in the pipelines or cracks in the lines. The roots eventually grow out of control to cause flow obstructions. 

Causes of Obstructions

There are, however, some other causes for such obstructions. These include:

  • Objects thrown in toilets or drains.
  • Grease build-up from the run-off at vehicle workshops.
  • Fatty residue that solidifies and causes hair, debris, and other waste to be caught up in the fat content.
  • Soil or concrete flowing through cracks into the pipeline system.

The build-up can be immediately after a large obstruction in the pipeline, or it can be gradual. Sewer lines must be maintained. Such maintenance includes using high pressure cleaners with jet nozzles to clean out the systems.

Understanding How Water Jet High Pressure Cleaners Work

A hose with a special nozzle at the end section provides for targeted spray. The hose is connected to a high pressure pump system that pushes the water with high force through the hose and the end of the nozzle. The water thus flows at exceptionally high pressure into the blocked sewer line. The pressure and precision directed flow are sufficient to break up the blockage and push it out of the pipeline system. Professionals often use cameras for line inspection to determine the exact location and nature of a blockage in the sewer line. This helps to determine how much force is required and where to insert the nozzles for effective removal of the blockage. Standard high pressure cleaners are sufficient for residential drain and sewer line cleaning.

When it comes to large diameter pipes from municipalities, more force is needed. In such instances, it is essential to make use of equipment able to provide the necessary flow and force for the larger diameter pipes. Business and property owners should maintain their sewer lines as well. Failure to do so can lead to health and safety issues. With the industrial water jet systems, it is possible to remove even concrete, pulp, tree roots, and wood.

Blockages of sewer lines sometimes occur at construction sites because of wet concrete and building materials flowing into the sewer pipelines. With the force that is rendered possible through the use of water jets, even these materials can be effectively removed without incurring hefty pipeline reconstruction costs. The stream from the jets helps to break up the large particles and to flush them out. Water is environmentally friendly and thus a sustainable way to remove blockages. It is also cheaper than chemicals.

Where to Buy the Best High Pressure Cleaners

We offer an exceptional range of industrial heavy-duty pumps and water jetting equipment for applications ranging from wash bays to sewer blockage removals. Many of our products are used in underground mining operations.

Get in touch with our Johannesburg office for more information about our high pressure cleaners if you want the right equipment for sewer line cleaning.