High Pressure Cleaners and some Common Jet-Washing Applications

The power of water is impressive. Over millions of years, a flowing river can gradually carve a deep canyon through the surrounding rock. An ocean’s tides can reshape an entire continental coastline. That said, humans have adapted the power of water to perform equally impressive tasks in a matter of minutes. Today, high pressure cleaners are just one example of what is possible with a sufficiently powerful jet of water.

The applications for these devices are manifold, covering the more challenging cleaning tasks faced by domestic, commercial and industrial users. In addition to their ability to blast away even the most deeply-ingrained dirt in a fraction of the time necessary with traditional cleaning equipment, they also use less water than conventional cleaning methods. This measure has become increasingly vital in the wake of water shortages and the threat of climate change. Given the already high consumption by many industries, high pressure cleaners are also a welcome means to reduce their operating costs.high-pressure-cleaners-and-common-uses

The models meant for domestic use are invaluable for many outdoor tasks like cleaning stubborn stains from patios and driveways or the mud from a quad bike or ROV. For those who prefer not to do it themselves, commercial car washes employ banks of water jets combined with rotating brushes and buffers to restore that gleaming showroom finish while the drivers relax. More recently, this technology has become a popular option for operating a mobile window cleaning business. However, neither household nor commercial models can provide enough power for the many industrial applications now routinely performed using modern high pressure cleaners.

While domestic models generate around 100 to 130 bar (1450 to 1900 psi), most heavy-duty industrial cleaning tasks tend to require twice as much pressure or even more. The characteristics of the pump and the motor are mainly responsible for the output of these devices. Under the right circumstances, a pressurised water jet can cut through metal or diamond, so even the most demanding cleaning tasks present no challenge for an industrial model.

Heavy vehicles and machinery employed in mining and earthmoving operations routinely accumulate vast quantities of dirt. Only high pressure cleaners have the power to penetrate ore dust and mud when baked on after hours of exposure to heat. Even a garage floor stained by years of used engine oil will pose no problem for these devices. Airports employ them to clean runways, and they are also invaluable for maintaining hygiene in the food and beverage industry.

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