How to Clean an Area Rug with High Pressure Cleaners

Area rugs provide extra comfort and warmth to a home whether your floors are carpeted or not. Foot traffic, children and pets can however leave your rug dirty and keeping it clean can be quite a mission. Hanging it on the washing line and beating it with a tennis racket is what our grandparents used to do and that didn’t always leave the rug dirt-free. Soaking it in a tub for days will not only discolour it but also start loosening the fibres and vacuuming it doesn’t get rid of the ingrained stains. So, what do you do? This is where technology steps in. With high pressure cleaners, your area rugs can be cleaned in two ticks and look as good as new.

Preparation Before Application

Before starting, it is advisable to vacuum the rug first as this will get rid of the surface dirt and cut down on cleaning time. The next step is the location as you need to find a relatively clean, dry and flat surface to lay the rug on. This will also prevent any creases that might appear whilst cleaning. The driveway or your patio area will be ideal. Choose a sunny day to do this as it does take some time for the rug to dry and it has to be completely dry before putting it back in the house. Check the material of your rug before using any detergent as you need to make sure that the detergent is safe on that specific material. Too harsh a detergent on delicate fabric will damage the rug.

Let’s Get Cleaning

Now that the prep work has been done, it is time to get that rug washed and looking as good as new. The best choice of nozzle is one that produces a 25- to 40-degree angled spray as it will provide the correct pressure for cleaning. Anything stronger might damage the rug. High pressure cleaners are just that, cleaners that work through high pressure so it is advisable to stand a couple of meters away from the rug when using high pressure cleaners. Give the underside of the rug a good spray with water only, then flip it over and apply the detergent together with the water to give it a good clean. Rinse it off with water only. Once cleaned, leave the rug in a sunny spot to dry.

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