High-Pressure Cleaning Pumps


When it comes to keeping various types of vehicles and machines clean, the challenge is to find the ideal equipment that will not only be effective, but also reliable, and produce the exact amount of water pressure to avoid damaging the vehicles in any manner.


The most effective method of washing your own car with a garden hose is by applying enough pressure to the mouth of the hose, thereby decreasing the area of the hose mouth to heighten the pressure at which the water will be forced out of the pipe and onto your car. Although the execution is much different, the result is similar when using our high-pressure cleaners, offering solutions to both commercial and industrial sectors and granting viable methods of cleaning vehicles with high levels of effectivity and pressure. Today, we will have a closer look at our solutions for high-pressure cleaners and what we can offer your industry for a more effective method of keeping your vehicles sparkling clean by using high-quality pumps within the ideal setup.


For the Commercial Sector


When pulling into a fuel station, you will likely encounter a carwash bay. These bays allow you to basically experience a drive-through carwash, with the least amount of effort to ensure that your car comes out sparkling on the other side. Although this method has been implemented for decades at fuel stations, a solution is still needed for dealing with a fleet of public transport or delivery vehicles, leading to a washing bay that would need the ideal type of high-pressure pumps to deal with heavy-duty commercial use and bigger vehicles in general.


As a result, Bestline Manufacturing offers heavy-duty vehicle washing bays that are custom-designed to meet every single requirement of our clients, granting you the high-pressure cleaner you have always wanted for your fleet of heavy-duty commercial vehicles. With over four decades of supplying washing bay solutions for vehicles, such as trucks, buses, mini-trucks, and even minivans, you can have peace of mind knowing that we will deliver what you need to keep your fleet clean and moving without any hassle. We implement the use of powerful heavy-duty pump units to easily remove solid forms of mud, dirt, and sand that might get stuck on your vehicles, with our first choice being Cat Pumps, due to their durability and trustworthy reputation. We also make use of jetting equipment to deliver drive-through washing bays for an easier method of cleaning your fleet by using high-pressure cleaners to remove every bit of dirt on your vehicles.


At Bestline Manufacturing, we offer a viable solution to high-pressure cleaners for industrial and commercial applications. For more information, feel free to peruse our website for details on our available pumps and application solutions, or contact us directly with any further enquiries. Choose Bestline Manufacturing today and experience the power and advantages of implementing high-pressure cleaners in your industry, whether you have delivery trucks or public transport vehicles that need cleaning after a hard day’s work.