Durable High-Pressure Pumps


High-pressure pumps are used in various high-pressure systems within the commercial and industrial sectors across the world. These pumps are connected to closed systems that generate a force for dispensing liquids under pressure. The high-pressure liquid is dispensed through such a closed system to achieve specific results. Liquids and gases are commonly used in such forced-induction systems. Both are subjected to the force within a closed system, altering the behaviour of the substance for the desired results.

High-pressure pumps can be used for powering a plethora of useful equipment. Vehicle wash bays are fine examples of water begin forced through such a system for cleaning purposes. Water jetting is a commonly used concept in washing and cleaning equipment. The flowrate of the water is increased to generate a strong force of liquid for jetting off dirt and grime from surfaces. The force of the water is determined by the high-pressure pump connected to the system itself. Therefore, it is pivotal to ensure that the pump meets the requirements of the system it is connected to.

To ensure that these requirements are met, high-pressure pumps come in different sizes and power outputs. At Bestline Manufacturing, we offer an extensive selection of Cat Pumps to choose from. Our range of high-pressure mid-size pumps starts with our 3- and 5-frame triplex plunger pumps. Our range of 3-frame pumps includes brass and stainless-steel models, with a choice between belt and direct drive types. These pumps go up to 3,5 hp in power output and 1500 psi in pressure output. This range also features 5-frame regular and single-shaft options. The strongest single-shaft pump in this range produces 10,8 hp and up to 3500 psi.

Our selection of triplex plunger pumps also includes a range of 3,5- and 7-CP frame pumps. Certain models in this range feature gearbox drives for more control over the pump’s power and pressure. If you still need more power, we also offer a range of 7-frame single-shaft and 15-frame high-pressure pumps to choose from. These pumps scale all the way up to the 1560 15-frame pump. This belt-driven brass pump produces 21,9 hp and up to 4000 psi of pressure.

Bestline Manufacturing is your one-stop solution for high-pressure pumps in Johannesburg. Our wide range of Cat Pumps will ensure that your requirements are met on all your high-pressure flow systems. We also provide solutions for custom-built high-pressure systems, utilising our experience and knowledge to deliver quality equipment for your business. Please browse our website for details on our products and industrial-equipment solutions.