Choose the Best High Pressure Pump Suppliers for Your CAT Pumps

Many different types of high pressure pumps are designed with a unique purpose in mind. Taking specific industry, commercial, and residential requirements into consideration has allowed us at Bestline Manufacturing to become the leader in high pressure pump suppliers. By aligning ourselves with CAT Pumps, being the sole distributor of these pumps in South Africa for over 50 years, we can offer the various sectors quality high pressure pumps that are dependable and long-lasting.

High Pressure pumpsVersatile and Efficient

Arduous working conditions, tight deadlines, and harsh environments are some of the reasons why the CAT Pumps triplex positive displacement pumps are arguably the most suitable choice. Unlike other types of pumps, CAT pumps are designed to handle high pressure and offer high operating efficiency, which translates to an increase in efficiency at higher pressures. The diverse application range of these pumps makes them ideal when applications require a low to medium liquid flow. Such is the versatility of the CAT Pumps range. They can be used for cleaning systems and desalination right through to hydrostatic testing.


Designed to Superior Quality Standards

High durability, increased performance, reliability, and long life are the main design aspects of CAT Pumps, both inside and out. A pump system is an investment and as one, needs to last. CAT Pumps provides high-density polished ceramic plungers which provide a true wear surface for longest life. Making sure that the inner workings of the triplex high pressure pumps are not affected by water or chemicals, CAT Pumps has used high-strength lightweight die-cast aluminium for the crankcase.


Varying Drive-Types

CAT Pumps are known for their drive-end durability and dependability. We offer a variety of drive types to meet specific requirements. This includes direct-drive units for portable and lower demand applications, belt-driven units for continuous operating applications, as well as clutch and gearbox units suitable for gas or diesel engines, electric motors, or hydraulic power sources.


Why Choose CAT High Pressure Pumps?

Here are a few reasons to consider CAT High Pressure Pumps:

  • Operate above 85% efficiency
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Continuous duty applications
  • Field-proven dependability
  • Reliable in demanding applications
  • Longevity

Not only do we stand behind CAT Pumps as a product that we are proud to be associated with, but as high pressure pump suppliers, we also exceed market expectations when it comes to customer service and technical support. We will advise you on the best pump for your intended application, supply it to you, and be on hand to maintain and repair your CAT high pressure pump.


Optimum Pump Performance

As high pressure pump suppliers, we offer a complete line of CAT Pumps accessories to match the flow and pressure requirements of each model. The pressure regulators, pulsation dampeners, and lubrication will protect your pump from excessive pressures, overheating, and abrasive liquids, and in some instances, enhance application performances. Using these accessories will provide optimum pump performance, less downtime, and reduced maintenance costs.


The Best High Pressure Pump Suppliers

Amongst the numerous high pressure pump suppliers in the industry, we at Bestline Manufacturing are proud to be considered the first choice for contractors, industries, agriculture, and DIY enthusiasts, to name a few. Being associated with CAT Pumps, “the pumps with nine lives” since 1971, is proof of our dependable track record in the industry. Linking our name with a dependable, long-lasting, and quality pump manufacturer isn’t a tough decision. Contact us to find out more about how the range of CAT Pumps can enhance your level of efficiency.


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