A Range of Top-Quality High-Pressure Pumps for Sale in Johannesburg from Bestline


In order for a high-pressure washer to be effective it must rely on a high-pressure pump. The pump is what makes a high-pressure cleaner effective in stripping through grease, grime, paint, mould, and similar. High-pressure pumps are typically a single pump that pressurises water and ejects it at high speed through a nozzle. These cleaners are valued in many different settings, from home environments to industrial environments. When compared to a normal hosepipe, even a pressure cleaner with a low pressure rating is actually at least five times more effective.


In the work environment, a pressure cleaner can do wonders for productivity and adds immeasurably to the job satisfaction of employees working with the equipment. With cleaning tasks being handled with greater ease and efficiency, workers will have more time to complete other tasks. They also will not be overworked with heavy manual scrubbing and cleaning. You are also more environmentally responsible, as a great deal less water is used in cleaning tasks when an efficient high-pressure cleaner is used instead of a regular hose.


There are various high-pressure pumps available for sale on the market today. Below are two of the types you will typically encounter:


  • Belt-driven pressure pumps – these pumps are specifically suited to heavy industrial applications. The belt referred to in the product name is attached to the motor of the high-pressure pump in order to reduce heat production and vibration.
  • Direct-drive pressure pumps – these pumps are better suited for general home or small business cleaning tasks. Their lower handling capacity and power make them unsuitable for industrial environments. With these pumps, the pump and engine are directly connected. As a direct drive pump spins at double the speed of a belt-driven pump, there is a higher level of wear and tear requiring costlier and more frequent repairs and maintenance.


When shopping around, it is important to decide whether you need a cold or hot pressure cleaner. The task at hand will determine which is required. Grease and grime might require a hot and soapy wash, while mould and chewing gum could be cleaned with a cold-water cleaner.


At Bestline Manufacturing in Johannesburg, we stock a wide range of Cat pumps for you to choose from. If you are not sure which pressure pump is best suited to your specific cleaning tasks, take the time to consult with one of our knowledgeable team members. For more advice and assistance, contact us via email or telephone today.