High Pressure Pumps in Gauteng: How They Work

There’s no magic formula, nothing much different in Gauteng’s water. High pressure pumps in Gauteng work pretty much like high pressure pumps anywhere else. But, if you’ve ever wondered what happens inside a high pressure pump, here’s your answer…

It’s All About Flow

There’s a slight misconception when it comes to high pressure pumps, whether used in Gauteng or anywhere else. It’s not that they create pressure as much as water flow. The flow of water can be accelerated or slowed, giving the impression that pressure is either increased or decreased. Pressure, on the other hand, assumes that water is contained in a sealed environment, with pressure used to eject the water. High pressure pumps therefore measure the flow of water, usually in litres per minute.

Exploring the Insides

As soon as the high pressure pump is switched on, pistons or plungers start moving in the pump’s engine. These pistons or plungers apply force and move the water into a cylinder. At the same time the pistons drive a crankshaft. It is the combined action of the pistons or plungers and the crankshaft that moves water into the cylinder, and out of the cylinder. The faster the pistons move, the faster the crankshaft turns and, as such, the faster water is moved through the pump, giving the impression of pressure. Whatever type of high pressure pump you’re using in Gauteng, they all pretty much work like this.

The above is a highly simplified explanation of the inner workings of high pressure pumps, but should give you a pretty good idea.

Applications of High Pressure Pumps

In most cases you’d assume that the typical and standard use for a pump is to pump water. Although the most common use, it’s definitely not the only one. High pressure pumps in Gauteng are used to pump hot fluids, slurries, liquid gasses, fertilizers, chemicals, soap solutions, sea water and much, much more. The only thing to keep in mind is that certain fluids, such as abrasive fluids and slurry, may increase the wear and tear on a typical high pressure pump. As such it’s vital (to the working existence of your pump) to determine its use before you buy. This will help you invest in a model suited to the purpose you need it for, and thereby save you a substantial amount of money.

High pressure pumps in Gauteng require one final thing for successful operation over a long, long time: care. Since these pumps work more or less in the same way as a vehicle’s engine, it can be assumed that they need servicing once in a while. Taking this precautionary step will ensure that your high pressure pump does what it is supposed to do for a long, long, time.