High Pressure Pumps for a Cleaner Johannesburg

You may be surprised to know that our modern sewerage systems are not that old. In fact, in the 1800s many cities and towns relied on the forces of gravity and rain to bring effluents down the streets to the local watershed. But as towns grew into cities, and cities became more crowded, the streets became flooded. Not only did it make for an unpleasant living experience, but it also compromised public health and safety. If only they had the option of high pressure pumps, like Johannesburg today.

High pressure pumps in Johannesburg have a variety of different applications, with the main appeal being the ability to move media (fluids and gases) at high speeds. In many cases these pumps are used for cleaning; they facilitate the removal of graffiti from walls, can easily remove dried paint from a surface or simply to dislodge ingrained dirt and other debris in crevices and cracks. Had these pumps been available up until the early 1800’s when sewerage systems started taking off, many historical epidemics would not have taken place.

The pumps themselves generally produce pressures between 800psi and 5000psi and are classified as such: those capable of producing pressure between 800psi and 3000psi are known as moderate high pressure pumps, while the 3000psi to 5000psi range belongs to the very high pressure pumps category (we know, not very imaginative, but it aids clarity).

Hydraulic intensifiers or amplifiers are a recent addition to the high pressure pump accessory arsenal, and dramatically increase the pressure at which fluids are moved. Hydraulic fluid acts on one of two pistons of different bores inside a rod, causing one of them to be moved. This movement occurs at very high speeds, thus amplifying the speed at which a fluid is ejected. You’ll often note these used in instances where high pressure pumps in Johannesburg are employed to unblock blocked sewerage or drain pipes – the resulting jet of water can cut through stubborn roots and even hardened concrete (which should also emphasise that due safety precautions should be taken into consideration).

But the problem, of course, is that many local municipalities and businesses still rely on elbow grease to get cleaning jobs done, only soon to return to the exact same spot to do it all over again. High pressure pumps used for cleaning in Johannesburg will get the job done faster, can clean much deeper and can accommodate solutions of disinfectant, soap and much, much more. This results in increased productivity and a nice, very clean city.