CAT Pumps and Their Uses

High-pressure pumps are used to generate pressure within a closed or sealed system. Various liquids and gases can be compressed in this way and then dispensed through a specially designed nozzle to do a certain job. This opens a world of possibilities within both industrial and commercial applications, one of which is the power of water being forced through a pressure system. High-pressure pumps are used to power these systems and create the necessary force for generating the required pressure levels to do the job at hand.

Bestline Manufacturing has a range of CAT pumps with a choice of power outputs and that are suitable for various uses. We also offer custom-built high-pressure systems that meet the demands of various jobs. We employ our knowledge and experience in the field of high-pressure industrial and commercial equipment to deliver high-quality and reliable systems for our clients. Whether it is a wash bay for earthmoving vehicles or underground jetting equipment, we have a large selection to ensure that you will find what you need for your business. Today, we will focus on the power behind this equipment – the pump.

CAT Pumps delivers high-quality high-pressure pumps and Bestline uses this brand in our built-to-spec equipment. These pumps have high-density, solid ceramic plungers that are polished to provide optimal abrasion resistance. The pump already has an extended seal life simply because of the quality of these plungers. The plunger rods are made from stainless steel, a rust-free alloy known for its abrasion resistance. The plunger rods support a 360˚ crosshead to deliver optimal plunger-rod alignment. The oversized connecting rods in CAT Pumps boast exceptional bearing quality, being manufactured from strong alloys as well.

The manifolds in these high-pressure pumps are forged from brass. Brass is commonly used in manufacturing spray nozzles, because the metal also offers a good level of abrasion resistance. These pumps are also available with manifolds made from stainless steel, nickel-aluminium bronze, or Duplex SS for optimal corrosion resistance. CAT Pumps employ oversized ball bearings or tapered roller bearings to ensure extended bearing life. So, you can see why CAT Pumps have optimal abrasion and corrosion resistance to optimise pump life and deliver top-level performance within any high-pressure system.

Bestline Manufacturing offers a spectrum of CAT high-pressure pumps for sale. We also build custom-spec high-pressure systems for both industrial and commercial applications. These systems include vehicle wash bays, dust-suppression equipment, and sewer-jetting equipment. For more information, contact us with any enquiries on our high-pressure solutions for your business needs. Let Bestline and CAT Pumps deliver the required durability for a cost-effective solution.