From Grimy Patios to Gleaming Cars: Unexpected Uses for a High Pressure Sprayer 


When it comes to deep-cleaning chores in and around your home, why waste your money on professional cleaners when a high pressure sprayer can do the job for you? Pressure washers offer adjustable settings to tackle a variety of tasks. For heavy-duty jobs like removing stubborn oil, grease, or grime from your car or driveway, a high-pressure setting effectively blasts away these contaminants.


Additionally, a high pressure sprayer comes equipped with several accessories, such as interchangeable nozzles, for tackling particularly tough materials and the removal of paint and other challenging substances. At Bestline Manufacturing, we offer a wide selection of Cat Pumps that are perfectly suited for light- to heavy-duty cleaning jobs and would like to debunk the myth that these handy tools are only used to clean outdoor surfaces and cars.


Unusual yet Effective Uses of High Pressure Sprayers


High Pressure SprayerHere are a few uses of high pressure sprayers you might not be aware of:

  1. Rugs and Carpets

Area rugs change the look and feel of a space; however, they encounter a ton of foot traffic and can be a nightmare to keep clean. Securing the original appearance of the rug, without causing damage to the woven fibres, is possible with a high pressure sprayer. Simply take your rug outside, place it on a clean surface area, and select the widest-angle nozzle attachment for a powerful, yet gentle clean. The same technique can be used for your carpets.


1. Removing Peeling Paint

If the exterior of your home looks like it could do with a fresh coat of paint but thoughts of sanding the existing layer off has put this task on the backburner, fear not. A high pressure sprayer is probably the most handy tool to get this done in minimal time. Wearing protective gear, select the 15-degree yellow nozzle, and from a safe distance away, start spraying downward in a sweeping motion. Doing it this way will effectively remove the layers without damaging the surface.


2. Stress Testing Roofs

Having a new roof fitted is a huge investment, and to make sure that there are no leaks, you can conduct a stress test with your high pressure sprayer. Using the same nozzle that you would to wash a car, you can simulate rain by spraying an area of approximately 1.5 metres at an angle for 5 minutes. Again, please remember to stay a safe distance away. By doing this, you can identify any possible weak spots and have them repaired before they become a problem.


3. Keeping Weeds at Bay

Weeds growing through paving are pesky, to say the least, and just as you eliminate them, they rear their green leaves again. For those with pets, getting rid of them with herbicides isn’t an option. High pressure sprayers can be a powerful ally in this constant battle, offering a way to remove weeds without the use of herbicides. Heat and steam offer an attractive option for controlling the growth of weeds. Higher temperatures, above 60°C, are more than sufficient to destroy the proteins that stimulate weed growth; however, to destroy the actual root structures may require a higher temperature.


As effective as a high pressure sprayer is, we would caution you not to use it to trim trees or remove hanging dead branches as the pressure exerted is too strong for trees and can damage the bark.


From cleaning gutters to patio furniture and outdoor paving, there is hardly a surface that cannot be cleaned with a high pressure sprayer. And what makes them so effective? The pumps that drive them, Cat Pumps. If you are in the market for a pressure pump that outperforms and outlasts its competitors, contact us at Bestline Manufacturing.