How High Pressure Sprayers Make Cleaning Effortless  


High pressure sprayers are versatile pieces of equipment that can tackle a wide variety of cleaning tasks both at home and your business. They significantly reduce the effort required for thorough cleaning, outperforming manual washing methods in terms of both efficiency and effectiveness. What sets these handy cleaning devices apart is the driving force behind them – Cat Pumps serviced and maintained by Bestline Manufacturing.


Differences Between Domestic and Industrial High Pressure Sprayers


High Pressure SprayerThe motor, pump, and accessories are all designed to produce a stream of high-pressure water at the required pressure and flow. Several benefits come with investing in high pressure sprayers as long as the correct type is purchased for the task at hand. It is important to know the correct PSI and GPM ratings as well as the drive type and horsepower needed for a specific application as you don’t want to end up damaging or stripping the surface being cleaned.


Washers aimed at homeowners are not as expensive as those used in businesses and industrial settings as they are more compact and portable, operating at a lower pressure and flow rate. Industrial pressure washers can operate in excess of 5000 PSI and are used to clean earth-moving equipment, sanitise multiple processing plants, and unblock debris and root growth in underground piping systems, to name a few.


Harnessing the Power of Pressurised Water


Water is the universal cleaning solvent in high pressure sprayers due to its exceptional ability to dissolve a wide range of substances. Producing a powerful stream of pressured water between 2 to 10 GPM, these sprayers leave surfaces spotless. A mechanical action is generated by the exerted pressure weakening the bond between the dirt and the surface until it is dislodged and dissolved. The effectiveness and speed at which the dirt is removed and rinsed are significantly influenced by the volume of water supplied by the pump.


Using the Right Type of Nozzle


The nozzle that is attached to the spray gun has a significant impact on how the water interacts with the surface being cleaned. Several orifice sizes determine the spray angle and pattern. A zero-degree pattern is often used for high-power blasting in industrial surface and sewer cleaning, whereas a 250 spray is ideal for normal outdoor surfaces to remove dirt, mud, and stains.


Industrial high pressure sprayers are constantly exposed to the flow of liquid at high speeds, and we at Bestline Manufacturing recommend the use of CERJET spray nozzles. Made from ceramic, these nozzles have an outstanding resistance to wear, making them ideal for intermittent or continuous use applications.


Safety Tips


As versatile as high pressure sprayers are and as much as they make cleaning effortless, it is crucial to note that when used incorrectly or irresponsibly, it can result in serious injuries to you and those within close proximity of the pressurised spray. Always wear appropriate safety apparel, such as splash goggles and hand and feet protection. Before using the spray gun, test the pressure of the spray against a small section of the surface that needs to be cleaned first. Safety should be a number-one priority when using high pressure washers.


As the sole distributor of Cat Pumps in South Africa, we at Bestline Manufacturing stand behind the reliability and proven durability that has set the benchmark in pump design and manufacturing. Contact us to invest in high pressure pumps optimised for product life and superior performance.