High-Pressure Vehicle Washers


Almost all commercial and industrial businesses have a fleet of vehicles, whether these vehicles are for transportation or industrial purposes. Buses and trucks are commonly found on the South African roads, whether they are used for transporting tour groups or freight to their destinations. Bakkies and minivans are also used for medium-level transportation, able to haul a variety of loads thanks to their versatile design.

When it comes to the industrial sector, we also find a range of work fleet vehicles that are usually bigger and often strangely shaped in comparison to normal cars and bakkies and posing a challenge in ensuring that they are cleaned and kept in good condition. Luckily, high-pressure washers can easily deal with the dirt and grime built up throughout a regular workday, giving your business a viable option for vehicle maintenance and preparation. This is where Bestline Manufacturing can provide solutions for high-pressure washers, with our use of CAT pumps to deliver heavy-duty vehicle wash bays for your business. Today, we will have a closer look at how we can provide your business with a high-pressure washer to take care of your vehicles without hassle

Various transportation businesses already implement high-pressure washers to keep their vehicles clean, with construction companies turning to custom-designed stations to clean abnormal and large earth-moving machinery after a long day on a dusty or muddy site. Bestline Manufacturing can provide solutions for both scenarios, starting with our heavy-duty vehicle wash bay for commercial vehicles. Using a high-pressure washer system for your fleet of transportation vehicles will drastically cut down on wash times in comparison to a business that does not have such a wash bay, keeping your vehicles clean and presentable when on the job.

With more than 40 years of experience in the manufacturing and installation of high-pressure vehicle-cleaning equipment, you can trust Bestline to deliver durable high-pressure washers for your commercial vehicles. We also feature earth-moving vehicle wash bays for large and abnormal industrial vehicles, giving you the high-pressure washer that you need to remove grime and other types of dirt from your vehicles at the end of a workday. As a result, we can manufacture a high-pressure vehicle wash bay to suit your work environment’s demands and keep your work fleet clean.

When it comes to high-pressure washers and cleaners, Bestline Manufacturing offers a variety of solutions for your work environment, as well as other high-pressure solutions to deal with underground jetting and surface-water jetting. For more information, feel free to peruse our website for details or contact us directly with any enquiries.