High-Pressure Water Jetting Equipment and Washers

Water jetting is a commonly used method of surface blasting and underground pipeline blasting. We use this method to build high-pressure washers of different varieties. Such a system features a pump to create the desired level of pressure within such a washer system. This creates the force to push the water to the exit point within a sealed system. This exit points would typically be spray nozzles at the end of a lance. If you need a washer that utilises water jetting, we have the answer for you.

Surface blasting is a commonly used method to wash and clean hard surfaces – anything from cement floors to vehicles that can be cleaned with surface blasting. Dependent on the application, the exit points for such a high-pressure washersystem will feature spray nozzles to create the desired spray pattern for the intended surface. If the surface is very hard, the spray radius can be smaller for a more concentrated impact. However, if the surface can be damaged, the spray radius is increased to ensure that the jet does not inflict damage.

Custom Vehicle Wash Bays

Many industrial businesses use large and heavy vehicles. Construction vehicles such as earthmoving trucks are abnormally large and difficult to keep clean. We can build a custom earthmoving-vehicle wash bay that uses high-pressure surface blasting to clean these machines. The operator uses a rigid lance to focus the spray on a specific point of the vehicle. Mud and dirt can be blasted off easily from the panels of the vehicle. The rear tipper can also be cleaned quickly and efficiently by such a washer.

Many commercial businesses use commercial transportation vehicles such as buses and courier trucks. These vehicles are also difficult to wash. Luckily, we can design and manufacture a custom high-pressure bay that will be able to easily clean these vehicles. The result is a feasible way to keep your vehicle fleet clean by utilising water jetting for your business. We also offer a full range of sewer-jetting equipment for an effective way to blast blockages out of underground pipelines. Water jetting can be used for multiple applications and we can manufacture the equipment in accordance with your needs and preferences.

Bestline Manufacturing is your solution to high-pressure washers and cleaners in Johannesburg. We use CAT Pumps and CERJET nozzles in our custom-built equipment and bays. For more on how we can assist your business, please browse our website for details on our available equipment and pumps. Take advantage of water jetting for your business today.