Mid-Sized Pumps for High Pressure Washers

Having a handy cleaning tool that can be used to remove dirt, grime, and stains off a variety of surfaces is why you should invest in a high pressure washer. Not only are they useful in homes, but high-pressure washers are also used for many industrial applications, including cleaning earth-moving and mining equipment. Understanding the type of pump that makes them work is important. After all, you can’t put a Mini’s engine in a 2-tonne truck and expect it to perform.


High Pressure Washers – Portable Tools that Pack Power

A high-pressure washer requires a pump that will produce high pressure with low flow rates. They also need to be portable, reliable, and economical. The pump selected depends on the PSI (pressure per square inch) levels and GPM (gallons per minute) that are needed for the pump to perform at the required optimal level for the application.

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It’s all About the Maths

As high pressure washers are used for the home and professionally, you need to make sure that the pump used is specific for the intended application as an incorrect choice could result in damage to the surface material. What needs to be taken into consideration are the PSI and GPM. For mid-range power, which is effective for cleaning vehicles, fencing, and most outdoor surfaces with a PSI level of 2000 to 3200, about 4 GPM is adequate. Removal of tough stains requires more toward the 3200 PSI level. Applications above 3200 PSI are reserved for the toughest jobs, such as stripping paint.

Types of Pumps for a High Pressure Washer

Self-priming piston or plunger pumps are best for high pressure washers, specifically those that need to be used for extended periods. It is important to note that the longevity of the pumps is all down to how well they are maintained. High pressure washers typically range from 2 to 10 GPM and 500 to 5000 PSI.

Here are the types of pumps used for high pressure washers:

  1. Piston Pumps

They are driven by a wobble or swash plate with a cylinder seal attached to the piston that moves with each stroke. The wobble plate piston pump is ideal for applications below 2500 PSI and a flow rate of less than 2 GPM. The swash plate piston pump offers a longer life use and is perfect for applications below 3500 PSI and a flow rate of less than 4.5 GPM.

  1. Plunger Pumps

These pumps are driven by a crankshaft with a cylinder seal at a stationary point that a piston moves through at every stroke. Triplex plunger pumps are used for higher-end applications where continuous run time is required, such as commercial car washes. They are used in most high pressure washers above 3000 PSI and 4.5 GPM.

Used intermittently or daily, a quality pump is vital to a high pressure washer.

Make the Right Decision

Finding the right pump for your high pressure washer based on PSI and GPM is easy when consulting with the professionals in the industry, Bestline Manufacturing. Whether your high pressure washer is needed for odd jobs around the home or more commercial or industrial applications, we have the right size pump for you. Contact us for your bespoke Cat Pumps pumping solution.


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