Cat Pumps for High-Pressure Washers

Portable or fixed, for home use or industrial purposes, heavy-duty cleaning requires reliability and dependability, which can only be produced by a quality high-pressure washer. When it comes to finding the right pumping solution for high-pressure washers, you can’t go wrong with Cat Pumps – the pumps that have revolutionised both the car wash and pressure wash industries since 1968. Knowing that the South African market needed a pump that proved itself in longevity and durability, Bestline Manufacturing became the sole franchise holder of Cat Pumps in 1971.


Setting the Standard with Cat Pumps

What sets Cat Pumps apart is that every component has been designed for optimal product life and reliable performance. Embracing a zero-defect manufacturing philosophy has produced world-class process capabilities, guaranteeing that every pump is ready for use straight out of the box. From the crankshaft and bearings to the crankcase and plungers, every detail of Cat Pumps has been carefully engineered for superior wear qualities, unmatched seal life, and to handle various operational speeds. Built to be the industry’s most dependable and long-lasting pumps, the quality of Cat Pumps shows itself in every aspect of the design.


High Pressure Washer

High-Pressure Washers That Deliver

With a recorded history of providing pumps that last up to 10 times longer than others, it stands to reason why Cat Pumps have become firmly placed as the pump units of choice for earth-moving equipment and heavy-duty vehicle wash bays. As drive-through units with fine detailed cleaning being done by hand-held pressure washers, these high-pressure washer systems form an integral part of the mining and construction industry, removing solids, mud, and sand from earth-moving vehicles quickly. Due to their proven reliability in continuous applications, long service life, and ease of maintenance, it is no wonder that Cat Pumps are the pumps of choice for high-pressure heavy-duty vehicle wash bays.


Pressure and Flow Rates

The correct type of Cat Pump selected for a high-pressure washer will ensure that through the right combination of pressure and flow rates, optimal performance will always be achieved. With PSI ratings from 1500 to 5000, high-pressure washer pumps, and mid-sized industrial pumps, as well as flow rates up to 20 gallons per minute, Cat Pumps are the ideal pumps for cleaning mildew between bricks and for underground water jetting.


Benefits of a High-Pressure Washer

A high-pressure washer is a versatile tool and is used for several domestic and industrial applications.

  • Highly adhesive materials and heavy dirt can be easily removed in a short period.
  • Economic efficiency as the time taken to clean is reduced, resulting in less downtime.
  • It saves water compared to a normal clean.
  • It promotes a healthier environment by eliminating mildew, mould, and bacteria from surfaces.


Built to Outlast

Delivering a specified amount of flow determined by a bore, stroke, and RPM, we at Bestline Manufacturing can help you select the right Cat Pump for your specific needs. With over 50 years of supplying Cat Pumps for various applications, we stand behind the great quality and high reliability of their high-pressure pumps. Whether the Cat Pump needed is for dust suppression, micro misting and cooling, or reverse osmosis and desalination, each pump is made to precision standards with the finest materials. Our availability to service and repair each model and our commitment to service excellence ensures that “the Pumps with Nine Lives” will last.


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