Choose a High-Pressure Washer for Those Extra-Tough Challenges

Cleaning is hardly most people’s favourite, but it is often essential not just to improve the appearance of things and to protect those who use them but, in some cases, to ensure they will continue to work as they should. Residents in and around Johannesburg will be only too aware of the dirt that becomes ingrained on walls and driveways following the wet and muddy Gauteng summers and its bone-dry winters. A high-pressure washer will invariably be the only way to restore those painted walls and paving stones to their former glory. While you’re in the mood, this is also the perfect tool with which to clear the gutters of accumulated moss and dead leaves.

After a week or so of bundu bashing in search of wild game to photograph or to replenish one’s biltong reserves, an SUV can be left unrecognizable and way past the stage when a bucket of soapy water and a sponge will make much of an impression. Fortunately, a high-pressure washer could return a mud-encrusted VW Tiguan to showroom condition in minutes and without any trace of blood, sweat or tears.

In practice, each of the tasks cited at this point is no High-Pressure Washermore than a minor challenge for this superior cleaning technology. Only when faced with the more challenging cleaning requirements of heavy industry do these devices demonstrate their full potential. For example, on a farm, days of ploughing and sewing can leave tractors and their various attachments unfit for further use without a major clean. Once again, a high-pressure washer is likely to be the only way to cut through the grime in time to get the equipment ready for more action when other urgent tasks await.

Whether on the ground or hundreds of metres beneath it, there’s no shortage of dirt to deface and possibly incapacitate vehicles and machinery. Mining operations are vast by nature and, as a consequence, tend to employ correspondingly large vehicles and equipment. To cope with a cleaning task of this scale, a mine will often install an underground wash bay and equip it with high-pressure washers. The result is somewhat like a heavy-duty version of a filling station car wash.

At the heart of these devices is a pump with exceptional abilities. Even a heavy-duty hose will only operate at up to 600 psi, while the specially designed cleaning devices for domestic use may reach two to three times that figure. However, for industrial use, the figure of 5 000 psi or higher produced by a specially designed pump is what accounts for the exceptional cleaning power of these incredibly hard-working high-pressure washers. Contact us today.