The High Pressure Washer and Its Uses

As we all know, water is an essential component of all living things, and they must constantly replenish it to sustain their existence. However, water in vast quantities is also a powerful force. It has shaped mountains, valleys, and entire continents over billions of years. Today, humans have harnessed that power for tasks ranging from constructing massive hydroelectric schemes, such as the Cahora Basa Dam, to developing the relatively small but invaluable high pressure washer.

Pressure WasherWhen delivered with sufficient force, a fine jet of water can slice through solid rock or metal with surgical precision. At more moderate intensity, that jet remains equally valuable though less likely to inflict irreversible damage. Instead, the attenuated water jet provides a powerful tool for use in many of those more challenging cleaning tasks. Not surprisingly, the jobs for which a device of this type is best suited will depend entirely on the performance specifications associated with any given model of high pressure washer. For example, most domestic cleaning tasks tend to be less demanding than industrial applications. Furthermore, some surfaces might be damaged by an unnecessarily powerful water jet. That said, manufacturers allow for such eventualities by including a means to adjust the output pressure, thereby permitting broader usage. Typical maximum performance levels range from around 750 to more than 30,000 psi.

It’s no longer necessary to spend so much of your hard-earned weekend leisure hours cleaning driveways and vehicles with a garden hose. These are tasks that could be completed in a fraction of the time and give better results with the aid of a high pressure washer. These handy machines are also suitable for more ambitious challenges. Before painting the exterior of your house, a thorough clean will ensure a longer-lasting result and need not be a burden. You will probably want to hire a portable scaffold tower for the paint job, so why not use it to clean up first? With minimal effort, the powerful water jet will strip away every trace of ingrained dirt, moss, mould, and any loose plaster, paint, or grout, ready for the first coat.

The uses of high pressure washers in various industries are manifold. For example, ensuring the cleanliness of public transport vehicles such as buses and railway carriages is a neverending task. These fast and efficient machines are invaluable. The more heavily soiled the vehicle, the more demanding the job and the more force required for rapid cleaning. In extreme cases, the most efficient solution is often a drive-through bay.

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