High-Pressure Washers from Bestline Manufacturing


When a liquid or gas is put under high pressure within a contained system, it follows the path of least resistance. This path usually leads to an opening in the system, where the liquid or gas is then forced out by the pressure in the system. To simplify, when water is pumped through a closed system, the stream strength is directly dependent on the amount of pressure in the system itself. This means that the force of water can be utilised in high-pressure washers, blasters, and jetting systems.

When water starts to move due to pressure, it can have a lot of power and we can use that power. Pressurised water is a very destructive force. It can destroy almost anything that stands in its way. This is why high-pressure washers offer effective ways of using pressurised water’s force to wash and clean a variety of goods. Bestline Manufacturing offers a variety of high-pressure water-jetting solutions. We also offer other controlled-pressure systems.

When water is used for cleaning, pressure systems are normally involved. Car-wash bays at fuel stations are fine examples of how water under controlled pressure can deliver desired results. Bestline Manufacturing builds custom-designed high-pressure vehicle wash bays for heavy-duty and commercial vehicles. Earthmoving vehicles are used for construction purposes and these heavy machines include dump trucks and excavators. Because of their unique body designs and sheer physical size, it is almost impossible to put these machines through a regular vehicle wash bay. Luckily, Bestline Manufacturing can supply a custom earthmoving-vehicle wash bay for your business.

This high-pressure wash bay utilises the phenomenon of water being put under high pressure and forced through a closed system. As a result, you have a powerful high-pressure washer that can blast these large and abnormally shaped machines clean. It is very difficult to clean accumulated and caked-on mud, soil, and dust from vehicles. With one of our high-pressure washers, the job becomes easy. We also offer commercial-vehicle wash bays that can deal with public transportation vehicles, haulage trucks and bakkies, and other similarly large vehicles.

If you need a high-pressure washer for your vehicles, Bestline Manufacturing can deliver. We utilise the power of Cat pumps in our pressure systems. These pumps are available on our website, together with all their specifications, so you can make an informed decision before buying. Feel free to browse our website for more information on our available high-pressure washers for your business. Choose Bestline today and experience the power of quality pressure systems.