High-Pressure Washers and Cleaning Systems


Water jetting is a very effective way to wash and clean on an industrial level. Whether it is heavy-duty machinery or underground utility pipes, water jetting can be used in a variety of high-pressure washer systems. High-pressure washers use positive-displacement pumps, or piston pumps, to generate a force to propel water through a pressure system. The water is forced through spray nozzles that serve as the exit of the system. The spray nozzles force the pressurised water into a desired stream shape to achieve specific cleaning results.


Bestline Manufacturing specialises in manufacturing custom high-pressure washers in Johannesburg. We also offer a wide range of Cat Pumps that are used in our custom systems to optimise performance and durability. For our high-pressure washers using spray nozzles, we use CERJET nozzles that offer better durability in comparison to stainless-steel and brass equivalents. CERJET nozzles feature ceramic orifices that has incredible wear resistance. Since spray nozzles are constantly exposed to high-pressure water flow, they are very susceptible to abrasion wear. CERJET nozzles offer more resistance to corrosion, making them last about 30 times longer than other spray nozzles.


High-Pressure Washing and Cleaning Equipment


Bestline Manufacturing harnesses the power of water jetting to deliver high-pressure washer systems for a variety of applications. We offer custom designs and installations for heavy-duty and earthmoving vehicle wash bays. Commercial vehicles and earthmoving machinery are challenging to keep clean. With a custom wash bay from Bestline, you can use the power of pressurised water to blast the vehicles’ bodies clean and remove dirt and grime build-up.


We also offer underground water-jetting equipment for cleaning utility pipes and sewers. Water jetting is one of the most effective ways to clearing blockages in pipes and sewers. It is also very effective for cleaning the insides of underground pipes and maintaining pipelines by removing any build-up on their inner surfaces. High-pressure washers utilise the power of water being forced through a sealed system to achieve all manner of cleaning results. Therefore, it is pivotal to use the appropriate piston pumps for specific jetting systems. Bestline Manufacturing has a wide range of Cat Pumps to ensure that your high-pressure washer performs at optimal levels.


Our range of high-pressure washers covers a large range of applications and functions. For more information, please browse our website for details on our custom systems and available pumps. Choose Bestline Manufacturing today for all your high-pressure solutions in Johannesburg and take advantage of these systems in your daily cleaning operations.