The Effects of Pressure


When gases or liquids are forced through a sealed high-pressure system, the pressure will determine the way the substances will behave when exiting the system. Some volatile gases might violently react to being pressurised, but when pressure is applied to water, the resulting jet of water can be used for many things. High-pressure industrial washers force water through a sealed system to exit the system through nozzles that spray the water with a specific force and in a set pattern, depending on its intended purpose.

A high-pressure pump is connected to a sealed system to generate the pressure within the system to force the water out of these industrial pressure washers in a controlled fashion. With the water being dispensed by specially designed nozzles, it exits the system in a way that can be finely tuned. Spray nozzles are effective at dispensing water, creating a jet with an appropriate spray pattern for cleaning purposes. With enough pressure being generated, the force of the spray is more than enough to get rid of grime, mud, and dirt on surfaces.

Bestline Manufacturing has a selection of industrial and commercial high-pressure washers for your business. We use Cat Pumps to generate the pressure in these systems and we offer a range of pumps for sale to our customers. When it comes to spray nozzles, our CERJET nozzles have a ceramic orifice to deal with the constant abrasion of the water jet. These nozzles are more durable than stainless-steel and brass equivalents. For commercial and industrial businesses that run vehicle fleets, we offer custom-built high-pressure vehicle wash bays. These bays can ensure that your vehicles are properly cleaned after a long day’s work.

Earthmoving vehicles are used for construction and mining and they are generally large, awkwardly shaped, difficult to clean, and always dirty. However, we can build a customised wash bay that will suit your requirements and fit within the area you have allocated for it. Heavy-duty pumps are connected to the high-pressure washers used in such a wash bay to generate the required force for the water to remove solids, dirt, mud, and sand from these vehicles. The grime-removing force of the water spray will save lots of time and effort when it comes to cleaning these vehicles every day.

For commercial businesses that focus on transport, we offer a heavy-duty vehicle wash bay that is designed for buses, trucks, vans, and bakkies. This high-pressure washer system can be custom designed to meet your business’s requirements. We use heavy-duty Cat pressure pumps to generate the required pressure to blast these vehicles clean with ease. This process removes all solids, mud, and caked-on dirt. So, if you need a solution to keep your vehicle fleet clean, we can build a custom high-pressure wash bay to serve as a time-saving cleaning solution for your business fleet.

Bestline Manufacturing is situated in Johannesburg and offers various high-pressure systems. These systems can be used as washers for heavy-duty vehicles or to clear underground pipelines, to name only two. For more information, please browse our website for details on our custom-built systems and specifications on our selection of high-pressure washers.