Choosing the Right Pump for High Pressure Washers

Earthmoving equipment operates in mud, dusty conditions, and slurry. You can expect these machines to attract grime and stubborn dirt during operations. However, keeping the machines clean is essential to ensure the longevity of components. Conventional high pressure washers as available for car wash bays are not sufficient to get to all the corners for removal of the sticky mud and debris. To this end, it is best to invest in industrial heavy-duty, high-force washers, which include the jetting systems and plunger pumps as available from us.

How Do You Select the Most Appropriate Pumps for High-Flow Washers?

Start by assessing the application needs and area where the washers and pumps must operate. Next, select the equipment based on the results of the assessment.

Keep in mind that the high-force washers need pumps that can handle the flow-rate required and can do so non-stop. Consider how regularly the pump must be serviced to ensure you use the equipment according to the manufacturer’s rated performance for the pump. Don’t just focus on the pressure and flow requirements, but also consider factors such as temperature range, compatibility with the particular liquid, the duty cycle of the pump, and the inlets.

Consider the Components That Must Work With the Pump System

Every component in the pump is important. If the pump has one weak component, then you can expect it to break down because of it. When it comes to heavy-duty washers, you need pump systems that can maintain the required pressure. It is imperative to choose accessories that match the specific pump to ensure the unit can be protected against too much force. It is imperative to choose the right primary pressure regulating valve, a pressure gauge that is right for the pump, and a secondary relief valve to reduce pressure as needed. Don’t ignore the importance of a quality inlet filter to remove abrasive particles that can affect the durability of the pump system.

What About the Source of Power?

The plunger pumps can use be used in a range of applications including electric and pneumatic motors and engines. The power-source system must be adequate for the maximum flow needed.

Where To Get Help

We have more than four decades of experience in the manufacturing and supply of pumps, jetting systems, and related high pressure washers. Get in touch for help in choosing the appropriate pumps and components or let us design and install the entire wash bay to ensure the heavy-vehicle wash-system meets your application requirements.