Why Choose Our High Pressure Washers and Cleaners for Heavy-Duty Vehicle Wash Bays?

Our company has a track record of over four decades in the supply of vehicle-washing equipment. A range of industries from mining companies to heavy-vehicle fleet businesses relies on us for the supply of high pressure washers, cleaners, pumps, and related cleaning equipment.

Extremely powerful heavy-duty pumps and high pressure cleaners are needed for the quick and effective removal of grit, mud, and sand from large construction and mining vehicles. We custom design the wash bays according to client requirements, ensuring the specific types of vehicles, whether buses, trucks, or earth moving machines, can be thoroughly cleaned.

We are the number one supplier of Cat Pumps in South Africa. Together with our Bestline Jetline Equipment, these pumps provide the power to easily get rid of stubborn dirt attached to vehicles operating underground, in open-pit mines, dams, and construction sites.

Both the Cat Pumps and the Jetline systems are easy to maintain and have exceptional durability. The Jetline Equipment is well-suited for the heavy-duty drive-through or semi-automatic wash bays. The Cat Pumps are used for earth moving vehicle wash bays because of the equipment’s durability and ability to handle continuous operations.

Quality High Pressure Washers and Cleaners Keep Vehicle Wash Bays Operational

It is essential to have a superior quality pump and cleaning equipment to ensure the full-time operation of wash bays. Malfunctioning of equipment can cause damage to the vehicles, pose safety risks, and increase cost-to-company in terms of ownership.

Considering the continuous nature of wash bays, the equipment must be robust enough to handle several hours of operation daily. Maintenance must be easy to reduce downtime related to servicing and repairing equipment at set intervals.

The Cat Pumps and Bestline Jetline Equipment are known for their longevity and low maintenance needs. The versatility of the high pressure washers makes it possible to install them in self-service, underground, tunnel, and prep wash bays.

Superb Service Support

One of the reasons so many companies trust us for the supply and installation of high pressure washers and cleaners is our ongoing service support on the wash bays, pressure cleaners, and pumps.

We are here when clients need us. Technical support is a phone call away, and we provide comprehensive information on each of the machines that we install. With custom designs of wash bays our design teams go all out to understand the client’s needs, including how many vehicles to be washed daily, vehicle types, available space, location, water supply availability, and more.

Located in Johannesburg, we are able to service the entire Gauteng region with ease. Get in touch for more information about our durable high pressure washers and custom vehicle wash-bay equipment.