Benefit Your Johannesburg Home by Getting the Most Out of High Pressure Washers

Higher pressure washers can help Johannesburg homeowners retain the pleasing outward aesthetic of their homes. It’s a versatile machine with a lot of cleaning applications – used it to remove paint from walls, stubborn dirt from virtually any surface, or to keep your driveway clean. And you can get more out of your cleaning machine by simply looking after it. Here we detail a couple of easy tips for homeowners who love their cleaning machines, and want them to keep on working for a long, long time.

Before Use

A ‘use routine’ will ensure that your machine is kept free of dirt and debris which might otherwise get lodged in the engine, and damage the pump. Such a routine should consist of the following steps:

Check the exterior of the machine and the nozzle for any accumulating dirt. Use a soft-bristled brush if any dirt is found. This should be followed by a careful inspection of the entire system; look for cracks and signs of wear and tear on the hoses and o-rings, and inspect the pump carefully. Should any of these parts show signs of damage, it is best to replace them as soon as possible. Next, check the oil level of the motor, and ensure that it has enough fuel.

During Use

Pressure washer systems are made to last. But to ensure they do, they have to be used correctly. Many models have been manufactured for cold water use only. Unreleased water in a running machine will eventually heat up, which could cause problems since some of the parts may expand, and therefore fail. In some models there is a relief valve that will discharge water when it gets too hot. However best usage guidelines suggest that, if the machine is has not been used in five or ten minutes, and is still running, it’s best to switch it off.

After Use

Flushing the system is the first step that should be conducted after use. To do this, simply spray until the detergent or soap used has been ejected, and clear water flows from the nozzle. Turn off the water supply and shut off the engine. Built-up pressure will have to be released, which simply means squeezing the trigger. Finally, disconnect all parts and ensure that there is no residual water left in any of them; check the nozzle, hoses and spray gun (if used) for water, and dry where necessary.

In addition to the above, it’s equally important to remember that your cleaning equipment most likely has some sort of service plan. This service plan relates to the pump, which is the core component. Stick to the service plan to ensure that you increase your machine’s lifetime, and that it provides you with many, many hours of excellent use.

Cared for high pressure washers in Johannesburg care for the homes they are used to maintain. By implementing a few routine steps prior, during and after use, you’ll see the return on your investment time and time again.