High Pressure Washers for Sale – How to Choose

Looking for high pressure washers for sale? They come in all shapes, sizes and types, and are suitable for just about any cleaning job out there. But before you choose, ensure that you’re equipped to make the best decision: it’s a case of combining machine with its purpose and price. Here we list some things to consider before you make your choice…


High pressure washers generally come in two different varieties: those capable of using hot water during use, and those limited to cold water. In most cases the former is used where grease and other obstinate substances have accumulated on a surface. Mixed with a detergent and sufficient pressure, the hot water greatly facilitates the cleaning operation. Cold water machines are generally capable of a higher pressure output. The pumps of these machines have been built with materials suited to their function and operating temperature.


The pump is the core component of a high pressure washer – water from the inlet valve is pressurised before being ejected through the nozzle. Different pumps are capable of different pressures – as low as 10 bar, as high as 250 bar, and even higher. The type of pump plays a bit role – Cat pumps, for instance, are some of the most reliable and popular pumps in use today. If your high pressure washer is fitted with one of these, you can be sure of reliable service for a long, long time (granted the pump is in good condition when the machine is bought).


A washer should be matched with its purpose. When companies usually invest in one of these machines, a pressure capability slightly higher than actually needed is chosen. This gives a bit of range in terms of the application of the machine. It should be kept in mind that not all pumps have adjustable pressures – using a machine with a low pressure too high for the surface it is being used on could damage the surface and incur unnecessary expenses.


High pressure washers are available from as little as R1,000 and can fetch prices of R35,000 and above. Whatever you’re paying, it’s an investment that should last a couple of years. However there’s something else to consider: water consumption. Your typical garden hose ejects around 3,500 litres per hour, while a very high pressure pump (250 bar) uses only about 1,000 litres in the same amount of time. Still, if the machine will be used regularly, its water consumption should also be taken into account to minimise costs.

High pressure washers for sale are plentiful. By using the tips above, you should be able to get your hands on one that will last and deliver according to your expectations again and again.