Impressive Uses for High Pressure Washers

Standing for hours trying to clean your outdoor paving areas with a heavy-bristled broom and soapy water is a thing of the past. With a high pressure washer, your days of cleaning are now down to a few hours. When you think of these machines, you automatically think of a car wash. It is true that they are used for the purposes of cleaning vehicles of all types and sizes, but did you know that they are used for a whole range of applications that you would have never thought of?

Changing your outlook on outdoor maintenance

High Pressure WasherWe automatically spend time inside the home making sure that all the nooks and crannies are sparkling clean but what about the outside of your home? Why can’t your outdoor areas be just as clean as indoors? With a high pressure washer, you can remove the build-up of grime, mildew and dirt in moments. From the sidewalk right through to your patio area and windows, your outdoor living area can look like it has just been renovated.

Garden and patio furniture is often neglected as the need to keep them clean isn’t a huge priority. When you are washing your patio floor, consider using your high pressure washer on the furniture as well. After one clean, your nosy neighbours will think that you have bought new outdoor furniture.

We all love the idea of having birdbaths in our gardens but the thought of cleaning them puts us off as they are the biggest collectors of mildew if not scrubbed regularly. A high pressure washer will get rid of all mildew build-up, whether it be in the birdbath or on outdoor paving. Boundary walls and fences can look like they have just been given a fresh lick of paint.

We mustn’t forget the essential braai grill. Braaing is the ultimate in outdoor cooking pleasure but cleaning it, not so much. Using a high pressure washer for cleaning the grill will leave you with one that looks brand new.

The most versatile tool in your arsenal

By changing the nozzle on your high pressure washer, you can convert it to a fabric and carpet cleaner. All you need to do is pre-apply detergent onto the affected area, spray over the area with your high pressure washer, rinse off the soap and it will look like it has just come back from the laundromat.

Removing dried, sticky gum from hard or soft surfaces can be done easily by placing a wet cloth over the gum section and using your high pressure washer like a paintbrush over the area. It will loosen and lift the gum off the surface without leaving any marks.

From washing cars and boats to cleaning floors and fences, you can’t go wrong with a high pressure washer.

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