Why You Should Be Using High Pressure Washers to Clean Your Roof


When your roof needs a clean (and maybe your driveway too), you are bound to be conflicted by the cleaning services and methods available. A dirty roof can become quite an eyesore, and it’s generally caused by moss and algae that feed off organic materials within the roofing shingles or surface. Keep in mind that this doesn’t just make your roof look ugly, but also damages it over time.


Low-pressure roof cleaning is often opted for by those who want a green approach to cleaning the roof. This means that chemicals aren’t used during the process, and instead, a fairly low pressure is used to clean and rinse the roof. This can be highly effective, but tends to be more costly than other options.


High-pressure roof cleaning is a far more popular method chosen by homeowners. With this method, high-pressure washers are used on the surface of the roof. Due to the high pressure, the cleaning process is quicker than that of low-pressure cleaning and generally, no scrubbing is required. This type of roof-cleaning process will not only extend the life expectancy of your roof, but also improve its kerb appeal.


Why you should have your roof regularly cleaned with reliable high-pressure washers:


  • Mould and algae grow on the roof and delay water running down the roof during rains. Water trapped in the algae and mould can seep between the tiles and result in leaks.


  • If you’re trying to sell your property, a dirty roof will be unappealing to potential buyers. If you want to make your house look like it is worth every cent you are asking for it, a clean roof is a must.


  • Regularly using high-pressure washers on your roof will help to keep thermal insulation at its best. A roof covered in algae and mould will lack in terms of insulation.


  • Roof tiles that are not regularly cleaned will become porous over time, which will reduce the expected lifespan of the roof.


By investing in high-pressure washers for the general maintenance and care of your home, you will be saving yourself time and potential expenses (roof replacements and repairs) in the future. If you would like to learn more about the best high-pressure washers on the market, get in touch with our team at Bestline Manufacturing in Johannesburg. Simply give us a call or send us an email, and one of our consultants will help you further.