High-Pressure Water Jetting Equipment and Systems


High-pressure water jetting is used in a variety of industries and work environments for many different purposes. When making use of the right high-pressure jetting equipment you can tackle many different types of tasks. Some of the uses of these systems include vehicle wash bays, underground jetting, micro misting and cooling, dust suppression, seawater desalination, reverse osmosis, drilling, pumping, sewer jetting, and cleaning and hydrostatic pressure testing, to name but a few.

Of course, the process of high-pressure water jetting requires equipment with the right handling capacity to cater for the size of the job and as such, the equipment used must be carefully selected. After purchase, jetting equipment must only be used as directed and must also be correctly maintained. This means that regular system and component checks should be carried out, even if you have invested in a top-quality brand that you trust.

When shopping around on the South African market, you will find that there are a variety of high-pressure jetting equipment brands available. It’s easy to be tempted into buying a product based solely on price, but keep in mind that it’s the handling capacity, durability, and features of the product that are most important. Water jetting is a heavy-duty task and requires durable equipment that’s easy to use on a continuous basis, which means that it needs to offer a long service life and be easily maintainable too. In South Africa, Cat Pumps are a popular choice for water jetting. This is due to the exemplary abilities of the range and the fact that Cat Pumps simply never give up.

As sole distributors of Cat Pumps in South Africa since 1971, we can confidently say that our range is not only considered an excellent brand, but outperforms many other brands on the market. If you are looking for water jetting systems and products that you can trust, you can find them right here at Bestline Manufacturing.

Our water jetting systems are typically used for underground water jetting, which is in most instances used for removing fines and rock from a stope after blasting. The advantages include but are not limited to the suppression of dust, providing lubrication, and cooling the environment. Of course, all systems and applications can be custom-designed using our range of high-pressure water jetting systems from Cat Pumps.

Do you need more information and advice before you can decide if our products are for you? Why not give us a call or send us an email and one of our consultants will assist you further. Contact us at Bestline Manufacturing for all your high-pressure and heavy duty water jetting needs today.