Applications Requiring Industrial High Pressure Water Pumps in South Africa

High pressure water pumps are widely used in South Africa in car and truck wash bays, in mining operations, and for the cleaning of sewage systems. These are only a few of the applications whilst many more exist, such as usage in hydrostatic testing for leak detection in vessels and plants as part of pre-commissioning processes.

What Do All the Applications Have in Common?

Each of the applications requires the high pressure usage of water. To this end, it is imperative to use the right water pumps for particular applications as available from us. We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of high pressure water pumps in South Africa. Our head office is located in Johannesburg from where we supply throughout the country.

Client Companies Operate in Industries Such As:

    • Petrochemical>
    • Mining.
    • Food processing.
    • Agriculture
    • Water treatment.
    • Earth moving equipment washing.

As part of our product range in South Africa, we offer a large selection of high pressure piston and plunger water pumps, both types forming part of the positive displacement group of pumps.

The units in this group are made to operate continuously in heavy-duty operations. With positive displacement types, the units need the full discharge of the flow or require that a part of the flow passes through a system that allows for the relieving of pressure. In the case of bypass flow, the portion in the bypass returns to the tank or the pump inlet.

Both the plunger and the piston types have specific assembly arrangements of the plungers or pistons, such as two or three in an arrangement for the creation of pressure and flow. Exceptionally strong motors or engines power the pump units. The plunger and piston types are used in applications such as industrial cleaning, water jetting, truck washing bays, and misting. The units are also suitable for reverse osmosis applications.

For misting applications, the flow rate must be lower while for sewer cleaning or wash bays, the flow rate must be very high. In addition, one has to look at the pressure range in the selection of the appropriate systems. Where used for blasting applications, the pressure must be extremely high, measured in PSI or BAR while for low- pressure cleaning operations less is required. The units can work with water at different temperature ranges, depending on the particular application requirements. The positive displacement units normally feature stainless steel or brass manifolds. The units are made to work with water and have special seal systems to handle high pressure.

How We Can Meet Your Pump Needs in South Africa

We provide a full range of equipment for vehicle wash systems, underground pipeline jetting, suppressing of dust, sewer cleaning, and surface blasting operations in South Africa. With brands such as CAT pumps in our product portfolio, you have the assurance of quality and equipment designed to meet specific application requirements.

Where to Get More Information

View our product range and get in touch for help in selecting the high pressure water pumps for your specific needs. We can deliver the units to your firm anywhere in South Africa.