High Pressure Water Pumps Tackle the Toughest Jobs  


The function of high pressure water pumps is to improve water flow, supply, and pressure for a multitude of applications. These heavy-duty machines are capable of delivering large amounts of water at high pressures for cleaning oil and grime, transferring water in treatment plants, and in manufacturing processes, to name a few. For guaranteed pump efficacy, turn to Bestline Manufacturing, the exclusive distributor of Cat Pumps, known as the market’s premier choice for reliable and resilient high pressure water pumps.


Tips for Selecting the Right High Pressure Water Pumps


High Pressure Water PumpsTwo of the biggest problems that affect the performance of high pressure water pumps are that the incorrect size has been purchased or the installation hasn’t been done correctly. As industries rely heavily on the constant use of these pumps, we at Bestline Manufacturing would like to share some tips with you on what to keep in mind when choosing a pump for a specific application.


  • The pump must be precisely engineered to operate within the parameters of the job at hand, which includes PSI, flow rates, and inlet and outlet settings.
  • Never install a pump to save costs. Every pump is uniquely designed for optimal performance and the wrong-sized pump will adversely impact running efficiency, water flow, as well as the lifecycle of the pump.
  • The correct installation of a pump plays a crucial role in minimising cost and time, increasing the life of the machinery.


A Dependable and Effective Solution for Water Transfer


To better understand how vital high pressure water pumps are, let’s take a look at industries that rely on the consistent flow and pressure these pumps produce.



1. Reverse Osmosis and Desalination

The process of reverse osmosis for purposes of desalination and water purification requires high pressure water pumps to feed the solution across a membrane at pressures of about 1000 PSI or less. As the solution goes through this membrane, salt and other organics are removed. Larger or smaller high pressure water pumps can be substituted and membrane fibres adjusted to further filter the liquid. As low energy is required for reverse osmosis, it is expanding into several facets of industry, including agriculture.


2. Heavy-Duty Vehicle Washing Bays

In the mining industry, largeframe, low-flow, high pressure water pumps are used to quickly remove dirt, solids, and mud from large earth-moving equipment. These underground wash bays are semi-automatic or drive-through and set up with rail cannons and handguns for a more detailed clean. Producing up to 5000 PSI and flow rates between 9.0 and 75.0 GPM, these pumps are relied upon for their proven continuous applications, long service life, and ease of maintenance.


3. High Pressure Washers

High pressure water pumps, when used with high pressure washers, are the perfect tools for cleaning outdoor surfaces. Whether used intermittently or run the entire day, the pumps’ abilities to work with multiple drive types makes them ideal for quick and effective cleaning.


Whether your choice of pump is for water jetting, micro misting, or dust suppression, any application that relies on the transfer of water will benefit from high pressure water pumps.


Why use Cat Pumps for High Pressure Applications?


For over 50 years, we at Bestline Manufacturing have stood behind the durability and proven reliability of Cat Pumps, providing industries with pumping solutions of the highest quality. Specifically designed and manufactured with unique seals, high-density ceramic plungers, and more, these high pressure water pumps are built to outlast any competitors. Contact us and we will gladly assist you with unsurpassed pump technology for your specific application.