Should You Use a Hot Water or Cold Water Pressure Washer?

Leaving dishes to soak overnight is what most of us are guilty of. The problem with that is that when you need to tackle them in the morning you are met with a sink full of dirty water and a greasy layer on the water leaving the dishes slippery and still dirty – not such a good idea after all. The same can be said when trying to clean built-up grime from surfaces with a pressure washer using cold water. Where hot water will eliminate the grime, cold water just disperses it.

As both have the same flow rate, pressure and capabilities for cleaning both indoors and outdoors, it begs the question: how do I choose between a cold and hot water pressure washer when the functionality of both is similar?

Choice is Dependent on Use

Industrial Pressure WashersAnalysing what your pressure washer is going to be mostly used for will determine your choice between a cold and hot water unit.

A cold water pressure washer is perfect for removing sand, caked-on mud or stripping paint. It is ideal for cleaning outdoor furniture, patios, driveways and garden fences, to name a few, where there is a build-up of sand and dust rather than an oily residue. On the downside, they require more detergent, tend to consume more water and take longer to work compared to hot water.

A hot water unit is ideal for removing grease and oil build-up and stains. Cleaning engines, automotive parts or anything that might have a build-up of grease and oil, is easily dealt with when using a hot water unit. It uses less detergent and water compared to cold water and has a much quicker drying time.

Grease and Grime Be Gone

There are certain key elements to a hot water pressure washer that successfully remove lubricant issues, the biggest being heat. Heat is supplied through a heating coil in the system which creates a high-speed molecular action causing the detergent to be more active and reducing water surface tension thereby penetrating grime at a molecular level. Cold water cannot break down grease and oil, it can only disperse it.

The Bottom Line

The cold water option works wonders for domestic applications, but hot water units are more effective for commercial and industrial use. At the end of the day, you need to decide on the applications of your pressure washer before deciding on hot or cold water. Let Bestline Manufacturing help you decide. Our staff is always on hand to guide you in the right direction when it comes to advice on pressure washers and pumps. After all, we have been in the business for over 50 years. Contact us today.

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