Where to Find Hydrostatic Test Machines in South Africa

Hydrostatic test machines in South Africa are used for the detection of fluid or gas leaks in vessels ranging from cylinders and pipelines to tubes. Whether to test for leaks at the valves, joints or castings, the hydrostatic test machines are essential to assess vessels that operate under pressure or transport hazardous substances.

Industries in South Africa Where Hydrostatic Test Machines Are Used

When a petrochemical or related industrial plant, relevant equipment or pipeline is manufactured for storing or transporting hazardous fluid or gas under pressure, it is essential to test it before commissioning. It is, however, not possible to test the joints, valves, and related components with the hazardous fluid or gas inside. To this end, pumps and hydrostatic machines as available from our firm in Johannesburg, are well-suited for the task since water can be used to detect the leaks or weak points.

Why Hydrostatic Testing?

It is a safer method for detecting leaks or weak points in a vessel or pipeline than through the use of pneumatic procedures. With water as the fluid, the risk of combustion or hazardous fluid or gas leaking out during the procedure is eliminated.

Pumps Used in Hydrostatic Procedures

The pumps used must have sufficient power to ensure optimal pressure and flow for the particular procedure. To this end, it is imperative to use a trusted brand of pumps, specifically designed for such operations. Such machines must be corrosion resistant and highly reliable in operation.

Why Buy Pumps for Hydrostatic Assessments From Us?

We have a proven track record of product supply to companies operating in the food & beverage, mining, engineering, and industrial sectors. Our firm is located in Johannesburg, and as such, you have a South African company able to provide superior after-sales service.

We believe in building long-term relationships with clients. As such, we ensure that clients receive machines that are suited for their particular application needs. Our client list includes the likes of First Quantum Minerals Ltd, BR Mining, SANDVIK, Quantum Foods, Sasol, and Goldfields, to name only a few. Leading companies in South Africa thus trust our equipment, expertise, and service delivery.

In Conclusion

It is essential to perform leak detection of vessels, plants, and pipelines before commissioning and at maintenance intervals. Make use of equipment you can trust. Get in touch for more information about our range of pumps products available in South Africa and the Johannesburg vicinity.