Hydrostatic Testing of Pipes and Vessels


When working with high-pressure systems, a leak in a pipeline or vessel can be very dangerous. Vessels that work under pressure may be used to contain a gas or liquid that could be flammable, volatile, or dangerous when exposed to another element or the atmosphere. There are many examples of highly volatile substances that can be very dangerous within such high-pressure situations. Therefore, hydrostatic testing is required to ensure that pipelines and vessels do not have any leaks.

The process of hydrostatic testing involves filling a vessel or pipeline with water that contains a vividly coloured dye. Once the vessel or pipeline is filled, it is pressurised. By shutting off the supply valve, the container should maintain the pressure and retain the water. Under such high-pressure conditions, if there is any water at all leaking out of the pressurised system, it can easily be spotted and fixed. By colouring the water that is used in this test, the leak is much easier to detect visually. Any loss of pressure during such testing will indicate the presence of a leak. In a leak-free system, there will be no pressure drop at all.

The strength and integrity of a pipeline or containment vessel can also be determined through hydrostatic testing. Should there be any permanent deformation of the container, it is a clear sign that it is no longer fit to handle the pressures under which it is intended to operate. A container or vessel that has reached the end of its service life can be identified in this way. This type of testing is also used to verify the integrity of newly manufactured pressure vessels, ensuring that they are up to specification.

In most instances, high-pressure pipelines and vessels are re-evaluated frequently. By using hydrostatic testing, it is easy to see if such a container has sustained any damage during its time in service. Should there be a leak, it can be spotted easily and repaired. Once the repair is done, the vessel is re-evaluated to verify whether the repair meets the expected standards. As a result, you can always be sure of the structural integrity and proper sealing characteristics of your high-pressure pipelines and pressure vessels used to transport or store gases and liquids.

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