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In the industrial field, there is a demand for pipes, cylinders, and related components that can handle high pressures. It is important that these units are able to withstand the pressure of the job at hand and can do so for an extended period of time, reliably, without suffering damage. Pressure vessels and components used for pipelines, gas cylinders, plumbing, boilers, and fuel tanks need to be strong, durable and leak-free. To ensure that these vessels are viable for their intended purposed and fit for use, hydrostatic testing equipment is used to check them. Hydrostatic testing equipment makes use of water at a controlled volume and pressure. The testing equipment most often used is available in three different varieties including electrically driven units and fuel-driven units in either petrol diesel derivatives.

Due to industry safety standard requirements, the durability and strength of pressure vessels and pipelines need to be tested on an ongoing basis at regular intervals. When new pressure vessels and components are manufactured, they must be checked with hydrostatic testing equipment and certified to be safe for their intended use.

Bestline Manufacturing can design, build and implement a customised hydrostatic testing station based on your specific requirements. Our hydrostatic testing equipment is designed to offer exceptional accuracy. If your pipeline or pressure vessel has a flaw, leak or other weakness, our systems will find it. Our range of hydrostatic testing equipment is powered by Cat Pumps, a leading pump brand in which we have the ultimate confidence. In South Africa, we are the sole distributor of Cat products and as such, we ensure that our rates are kept competitive and that our service remains exceptional at all times.

Once your hydrostatic testing station has been installed, we can continue to assist you with the general upkeep and maintenance of the system. If any repairs are required, rest assured that we stock an array of spares, parts, and components required to get your system up and running again with minimal accompanying downtime.

We welcome you to discover our range of hydrostatic testing equipment. We believe that only the best quality will do for our clients and as such, we set out to acquire only the finest units on the market for sale to our customers. For more information and advice on our range, simply get in touch with us via email or telephone at Bestline Manufacturing today.