Top-quality Durable Pumps and Applications for Effective Hydrostatic Testing

Gas cylinders, boilers, fuel tanks, pipelines, pressure vessels and plumbing systems are typically tested for leaks and weaknesses with hydrostatic testing. This is a form of pressure testing that is carried out by filling the item with dyed liquids (usually water). The unit is then pressurised to the correct pressure and observed / scrutinised. While leaks are detected by noticing the escape of the coloured water, weaknesses are determined by any deformation of the unit when pressurised. The tests must be carried out by quality control personnel who pay close attention to how the product is performing under a variety of pressures.

What is hydrostatic testing actually used for. Yes, this type of pressure testing is used to locate a leak or to test for any weakness in a vessel or unit, but these tests are actually carried out in order to ensure the long-term durability of pipes, vessels, fuel tanks and similar. This type of testing is also ideal for ensuring that manufactured products actually meet with regulations and safety standards. When a new product is released, it is tested using hydrostatic pressure to ensure that it meets with industry imposed regulations. Thereafter, such products are supposed to be tested at regular intervals with follow-up tests.

The testing procedures for hydrostatic tests can vary from industry to industry. These tests are typically carried out according to terms set in place either according to the customer’s specifications or by law. Of course, the right hydrostatic pressure pumps must be used for the task.

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