Industrial High-Pressure Cleaners and Water-Jetting Equipment


Water jetting is a way to put water under high pressure within a sealed system to result in it being ejected from the spray nozzles with a powerful force. This force can be finely regulated to determine the strength of the jet. This water-dispensing method can be used in industrial cleaners such as surface blasters, underground jetting equipment, and earthmoving vehicle wash bays. With its long list of possible uses, you can also utilise this power in your business. And this is where we come in.


Bestline Manufacturing offers a variety of industrial high-pressure cleaning equipment that we can build to suit the particular needs of almost any business. We use CAT Pumps’ line of top-quality products to power our custom-built equipment. These are some of the best pumps in the business for water-jetting purposes. We also use ceramic CERJET nozzles to ensure that the spray nozzles are durable enough to handle the force of the abrasive jet of water for prolonged periods. Our selection of equipment can cater to the needs of your business in a couple of ways, starting with cleaning fleet vehicles.


Earthmoving vehicles are used in construction and earthmoving projects. They are awkwardly shaped and much larger than regular commercial vehicles. Therefore, they cannot be washed the traditional way – and certainly not by hand. With their size and unique shape, it can be a real challenge to get them clean, especially after a full day’s work. We can design and build a custom industrial high-pressure vehicle wash bay for cleaning these vehicles when they return from the worksite. By offering full customisation, we can deliver a wash bay that suits its environment and the needs of the business.


If your business needs a solution for underground water jetting or surface blasting, we can offer a high-pressure cleaner to get the job done. Surface blasters are effective for getting rid of stubborn dirt from various surfaces, such as cement floors. They can also be used for washing rough and uneven surfaces such as paved areas and parking lots. Industrial underground water-jetting equipment is used to unblock subterranean pipelines. Rather than digging a trench to replace a blocked section, blasting the inside of the pipeline clear is a far easier and cheaper solution. This method can clear almost any type of blockage.


Bestline Manufacturing is your solution if you are looking for industrial high-pressure cleaners in Johannesburg. For more information on how we can assist you, please browse our website for details on our water-jetting equipment and pumps.