Industrial Pressure Washer Pumps: Cat Pumps that Provide 3000 PSI and Above

An industrial pressure washer, unlike a domestic power washer, produces enough pressure and desired flow rates to keep surfaces hygienically clean in food industries and provide a constant flow rate for commercial car washers. We at Bestline Manufacturing, the sole distributor of Cat Pumps in South Africa, have made selecting the correct pump based on PSI (pounds per square inch) ratings less complicated through our range of triplex plunger and piston Cat Pumps.


Direct Drive Indudtrial Pump

Understanding the Importance of PSI

There is a distinct difference between pressure washers as many associate them with hand-held power washers that are used domestically. When cleaning outdoor surfaces around the home or stripping paint off the side of a house, a pressure washer needs to operate at a certain PSI. Using an industrial pressure washer for domestic use will result in excessive property damage. As important as PSI is to pressure washers, so is the desired GPM (gallons per minute).

When looking for an industrial pressure washer that can produce pressure ratings of 3000 PSI or more, Cat Pumps delivers.


Differentiating Between PSI Ratings

To gain a better understanding of PSI, it is simpler to break it down into the various applications that require the use of pressure washers:

  • Light residential cleaning uses from below 1000 up to 2000 PSI for domestic vehicle and household cleaning. These units are usually portable.
  • Heavier residential tasks require up to 3000 PSI, providing a moderate strength that is perfect for cleaning outdoor surfaces.
  • Professional pressure washers and contractors require operating pressures from 3000 PSI upwards that are operated electrically or run on fuel. A PSI of 3000 and higher is normally required for commercial and industrial use.
  • Ultra-high-pressure washers perform at over 7000 PSI and are used to remove asphalt and road markings, demolish concrete, and remove stains from excessively dirty surfaces to name a few.

A lower PSI rating is perfectly ideal for outdoor chores around the home. However, a contracted cleaner would find the lower pressure too weak for removing ingrained stains on surfaces.


Applications that Require High Pressure Pumps

Many applications require the use of an ultra-high industrial pressure washer – the most common being for heavy-duty wash bays. The mining and construction industries rely heavily on Cat Pumps for the cleaning of earth-moving equipment and trucks.

The typical wash bay for these vehicles comprises of a pump house with elevated water-storage tanks where the water is pumped through to rail cannons and handguns at 3000 PSI or more to quickly remove solids, mud, and sand from the equipment. These heavy-duty bays rely heavily on the constant pressure supplied by Cat Pumps due to their proven continuous duty applications, long service life, and ease of maintenance.


Cat Pumps – “The Pumps with Nine Lives”

When it comes to needing a pump that will produce the pressure required for commercial and industrial applications, Cat Pumps are the most reliable. Since 1971, we at Bestline Manufacturing have been proud to stand behind the reliability and exceptional quality of Cat Pumps in South Africa. Cat Pumps has embraced a zero-defects manufacturing philosophy which is proven in their specially formulated seals and high-density, polished ceramic plungers.

Contact us and we will gladly assist you in finding the correct pump for your specific requirements. Whether you need high-pressure mid-sized pumps or direct drive industrial pumps, there is a Cat Pump for you.


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