How to Choose the Right Industrial Pressure Washer

There is a reason for using water at high pressure to clean vehicles such as trucks and earth moving equipment. Water jetted at high speed through nozzles of industrial pressure washer equipment has exceptional cleaning power.

Sometimes straightforward washing is just not enough to loosen stubborn dirt. This is where the power of an industrial washer system comes in.

The water is pumped through a hose and accelerates as the fluid exits the narrow tip of the hose system. The high pressure of the water is what effectively cuts through and loosens the dirt. With the high concentration of water on a spot, there is simply no way the grime can stick to the surface. The secret to a highly efficient industrial washer lies in the combination of a strong and appropriate engine and pump to provide enough flow rate and pressure, the right type of hose and jet system, and proper installation for maximum reach.

Choosing the right motor & pump unit is essential for maximum efficiency as you want it to work with an optimal flow rate. In addition, the durability of the equipment must be considered. To this end, you will appreciate the machines available from us. These machines are robust enough to handle daily usage in heavy vehicle wash systems and operate equally well in mine operations. The pumps and equipment available from us are thus made for heavy-duty use in harsh environments.

Popular Terms

We briefly explain some of the terms used to help you make sense of the specifications and descriptions of the machines.

PSI stands for “pounds per square inch” and refers to the energy released onto the surface that is cleaned. It is basically how hard the water hits the end surface. Similar to PSI, Bar measures pressure. It is also the energy level at which the water hits the surface. LPM stands for “litres per minute” and refers to the speed of water flow. HP stands for horsepower. The strength or output power of a diesel or petrol industrial washer motor is given in horsepower. If it is an electric motor, then the measurement is in kilowatts indicated as kW.

The engine size and type are the most important. The next important consideration entails the flow rate as measured as LPM. Finally, consider the pressure indicated as Bar or PSI. You want a high LPM and high PSI or Bar rating for industrial use. The higher the water flow rate, the more dirt and grime it can wash away. The flow rate determines the ability to cut through the grime.

In Conclusion

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