Benefits of Upgrading to a High-Pressure Industrial Pressure Washer

Whether used to make cleaning easier, enhance kerb appeal outside office parks, or promote a healthier environment, an industrial pressure washer is a handy tool and a vital piece of machinery for several industry applications. If you are considering upgrading your existing pressure washer to an industrial high-pressure washer, in this article, we at Bestline Manufacturing would like to point out the benefits of this based on specific application requirements.Industrial Pressure Washer | Cleaning Equipment

When is an Industrial Pressure Washer Required?

A high-pressure water pump is a crucial element in any power-washing system and determines the amount of force and pressure behind the pressure washer hose. When used to clean surfaces at home, it is best to consider a low-pressure washer as it serves the purpose of replacing buckets, sponges, and soaps without exerting too much pressure. An industrial pressure washer comes into its own when used for heavy-duty vehicle cleaning bays; for removing dirt, grime, and stubborn stains off concrete surfaces and buildings; and for applications such as flushing out sewer and drain lines to remove obstructions.

To gain a better understanding of the pressure and flow rates that are required for an industrial pressure washer, when it comes to cleaning concrete surfaces, you need a power washer that can generate at least 3000 PSI. If that same amount of pressure is used to clean your vehicle at home, which only requires between 1000 and 1200 PSI, it would strip the paint off.

Is a High-Pressure Washer Better than a Low-Pressure Washer?

Both low- and high-pressure washers serve their purpose with the only difference between the two being the amount of force and flow rates produced by the selected pump and required for the job at hand. For a gentle clean, a low-pressure washer is the ideal choice, whereas a high-pressure washer is preferable for a more aggressive clean.

Advantages of an Industrial Pressure Washer

Whether an industrial pressure washer is needed by manufacturing plants or construction companies, they certainly offer industries several advantages over other cleaning methods.

Industrial Pressure Washer | Cleaning Equipment

  • Maritime

  • – industrial pressure washers quickly remove the build-up of barnacles and other organisms that cling to a boat or ship’s hull.

  • Construction and Mining

    – these industries cannot afford the expansive downtime that is needed to clean machinery and earth-moving equipment and rely heavily on the continuous high-pressure flow from power washers to keep equipment and vehicles free from dirt and debris.

  • Manufacturing Outlets

    – keeping surfaces clean and free from possible hazards or spills on working surfaces when they happen accelerates production time and saves money in the long run.

If you are looking for faster and more efficient methods for cleaning stubborn work surfaces, consider selecting an industrial pressure washer with high PSI, from 3000 upwards, and GPMs between 5 and 6.

Selecting the Best Pump

As the sole distributor of Cat Pumps in South Africa, we at Bestline Manufacturing stand behind the superior quality, reliability, and durability of their pressure pumps for industrial pressure washers. Every design aspect of the pumps has longevity and dependability in mind, affording industries power washers that provide them with better confidence in the pressure washer hose and other components due to Cat Pumps’ proven performance.

With a comprehensive pump product line matching numerous industrial pressure washer application, it’s no wonder that Cat Pumps are the preferred pump manufacturer globally. For guidance on the correct size pump for your high- or low-pressure washer system, consult with Bestline Manufacturing.

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