Maximise Productivity: Elevate Your Cleaning with an Industrial Pressure Washer from Bestline Manufacturing


When it comes to removing stubborn stains, oil, grease, and dirt off surfaces, an industrial pressure washer offers a transformative leap over traditional cleaning practices. The power produced by these handy tools translates to significantly faster cleaning times. The versatility afforded by an industrial pressure washer extends over several applications. It has the ability to tackle multiple tasks, such as cleaning heavy-duty machinery, floor sanitation, and cleaning building exteriors, to name a few. The driving forces behind their efficiency are Cat Pumps and Bestline Manufacturing.


Whether used intermittently or continuously, a quality pump is vital to a pressure washer, and by partnering with us at Bestline Manufacturing for your industrial pressure washer requirements, you benefit from higher productivity, lower repair costs, significantly less downtime, and overall greater profitability.


Industrial Pressure Washers for Heavy Duty Vehicle Wash Bays


We have over 50 years of experience in supplying the mining industry with specialised jetting equipment, and we recognise the critical need for powerful and dependable high-pressure pumps. Heavy-duty wash bays, whether semi-automatic or drive-through underground systems, necessitate a robust industrial pressure washer. As Cat Pumps are able to operate consistently, these pumps, together with our jetting equipment, have proven time and again how swiftly and effortlessly caked-on solids, mud, and sand can be removed.


Water Blasting

High Pressure Washer

An industrial pressure washer is often relied upon for the removal of tenacious substances, such as rust, aged paint, chemicals, and corrosion, without compromising the underlying surface.  Referred to as water blasting or hydroblasting, it employs high-pressure water streams for exceptional cleaning efficacy over large surfaces, pipes, and several types of processing equipment. Notably, hydroblasting utilises solely water, rendering it a cleaner and more affordable alternative to other techniques that require the use of aggregates.


Removal of Contamination Deposits


Condensers and heat exchangers, integral components within several industrial processes, require meticulous cleaning to ensure optimal operating efficiency. The accumulation of contaminants leads to “fouled” heat exchangers or condensers, resulting in a significant escalation of power consumption and maintenance costs. Within the power generation industry, maximising heat transfer for optimal performance is paramount. Therefore, routine cleaning of condenser tubing with a high-pressure water system is vital. At Bestline Manufacturing, our industrial pressure washer system, in conjunction with Cat Pumps, fulfils the rigorous demands of this application, yet again demonstrating suitability for continuous heavy-duty operation.


Whether you require large frame, low flow industrial pumps that produce up to 5000 PSI or pressure washer plunger pumps with flow rates of up to 20 GPM, we at Bestline Manufacturing have the perfect sized pump for your specific application.


Why use Cat Pumps in Industrial Pressure Washers?


As the sole distributor of Cat Pumps in South Africa, we at Bestline Manufacturing take immense pride in the exceptional quality and reliability of these high-pressure pumps used in your choice of industrial pressure washer. Each pump is meticulously crafted using premium materials, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance. Furthermore, our commitment to comprehensive after-sales service, including maintenance and repair for all models, empowers customers to experience the full potential of their investment.


This dedication to quality and comprehensive support positions Cat Pumps and, by extension, us at Bestline Manufacturing, as a superior solution, surpassing competitor offerings in terms of longevity and customer satisfaction. We collaborate directly with our customers to provide a comprehensive selection of high-pressure pumps and accessories catering to diverse industrial application requirements.