The Power of Steam: An Industrial Pressure Washer for Deep Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning stubborn dirt and stains, many opt for the convenience and power of an industrial pressure washer. Unlike traditional cleaning methods, this versatile cleaning tool can reach hard-to-access areas, ensuring a deep and thorough clean, whether the surface material is carpet or concrete. An industrial pressure washer is only as effective as the pump supplying the power, and we at Bestline Manufacturing are a proud distributor of the most dependable high pressure pumps on the market – Cat Pumps.


The Driving Force of an Industrial Pressure Washer

A pressure washer works at a certain PSI and GPM, which translates to the amount of pressure and flow exerted. As the PSI is the driving force behind the washer and the GPM does the actual cleaning, it is vital that the pump is correctly chosen and sized to produce results. Commercial and industrial pressure washers operate between 3000 to 6900 PSI, a pressure that is strong enough for exterior cleaning of buildings and surfaces as well as equipment cleaning. Industrial Pressure Washer | Deep Cleaning


Select the Right Type of Pump

Plunger or piston pumps are the ideal choices for industrial pressure washers as they have been specifically engineered to withstand repeated high pressure use. These pumps operate similarly by pulling water into an intake valve, pressurising it, and then releasing the water at the required pressure through an outlet valve. Pressure regulators ensure steady and consistent flow rates, resulting in an even distribution of pressure.

Semi-automatic or drive-through heavy-duty wash bays responsible for cleaning earth-moving equipment rely heavily on high pressure pumps to provide continuous pressure and flow to industrial pressure washing systems. Whether used intermittently or the entire day, a quality pump is crucial to the efficacy of an industrial pressure washer.


Benefits of an Industrial Pressure Washer

An industrial pressure washer has a range of benefits, making this cleaning tool a valuable asset to industries and businesses alike.

  1. Versatility

An industrial pressure washer can be used in a wide range of industries and applications, not just cleaning. Adjustable pressure settings and interchangeable nozzles make it possible for them to be used to strip paint off buildings and to alter large structures, such as bridges.

  1. Cost Savings

Traditional cleaning methods can be costly, especially when you factor in the cost of labour. An industrial pressure washer eliminates the need for extra manpower or extensive cleaning equipment, translating into significant cost savings.

  1. Clean Working Environment

Enhanced hygiene is crucial in many manufacturing plants and industries, such as food processing and healthcare. As these washers can reach areas that traditional methods cannot, they effectively remove bacteria and contaminants, thereby ensuring a safe, clean, and hygienic working environment.

  1. Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Solution

Offering a greener alternative to traditional cleaning, an industrial pressure washer minimises the need for harsh chemicals and uses less water. As pressure washers rely more on the force of the water to clean, they reduce the impact cleaning agents have on the environment.


Exceeding the Benchmark in High Pressure Pump Design

When customers select a Cat Pump from us at Bestline Manufacturing, they are guaranteed a pump that is designed for optimal product life and reliability and a product that embraces a zero-defects manufacturing philosophy. Cat Pumps can be used for a multitude of applications, and selecting the right one for your requirements is why you need to contact us.