Boost Efficiency and Cleaning Power with an Industrial Pressure Washer

When it comes to cleaning earth-moving equipment, unblocking pipelines, and keeping surfaces clean and free of contaminants, an industrial pressure washer is the perfect tool for the job. As effective as industrial cleaners are, they cannot operate without pressure washer pumps. At Bestline Manufacturing, we are the sole distributor of Cat Pumps in South Africa, providing the most reliable and durable pumps with a variety of drive options to meet the most demanding cleaning requirements.

The Role Pumps Play in Industrial Pressure Washers

Whether your industrial pressure washer is used intermittently or the entire day, a quality pump is vital. The function of the pump is to transfer energy from the motor, electric or gas, and move the water through under pressure.

How Industrial Pressure Washers Increase Workplace Safety and Productivity

Industrial Pressure Washer | High Pressure Washer Pumps

The best safeguard against contaminants and bacterial growth is an industrial pressure washer to remove dirt, grime, and oils from surfaces. Facilities that are cleaned using a portable high-pressure washer assist in reducing the risk of accidents and health hazards in the workplace. One of the primary benefits of commercial cleaning is to prevent slip and trip accidents by maintaining clean and safe walking surfaces. An industrial pressure washer assists in keeping a well-maintained workspace and a healthier working environment which, in turn, increases productivity and focus.

Cleaning of Commercial Buildings

Commercial properties can look worn and run down if not properly maintained, and an industrial pressure washer is an affordable way of keeping the exterior of a building clean. Grime, mildew, and other contaminants build up over time, and if not removed or treated, can lead to a structure’s decay. Regular pressure washing of a building means less maintenance costs, keeps up the kerb appeal, and is more welcoming to customers and employees alike.

Heavy-Duty Vehicle Wash Bays

Armed with a multitude of industrial pressure washers, heavy-duty vehicle wash bays are an integral part of daily mining and construction operations to keep equipment clean. In remote locations, temporary semi-automatic or drive-through wash bays are set up, making it possible to keep construction and earth-moving equipment free from debris which, if not attended to, could lead to costly shutdowns and increased maintenance costs or repairs. Cat Pumps’ large frame, low-flow industrial pressure pumps have been specifically designed to handle the rigorous continuous demands of heavy-duty wash bays.

Line Maintenance

High-pressure jetting is a cost-effective solution to line replacement and is often required to remove obstructions in the sewer or drain lines. Attaching spray nozzles to a high-pressure hose produces the force needed to remove the build-up, or in some instances, tree roots from the lines.

Cat Pumps Afford Trouble-Free Service

Proper maintenance of industrial pressure washers is key to enjoying trouble-free service, and Cat Pumps has a range of accessories matching the flow and pressure requirements of each model. These accessories are used to protect the pump from overheating, excessive pressures, and abrasive liquids, with others enhancing the pump’s performance. Using the lubricators, pulsation dampeners, and pressure regulators will reduce any maintenance expenses and ensure optimum pump performance.

Leading Pump Supplier

At Bestline Manufacturing, we work closely with our clients to supply the high-pressure pump and accessories needed for an intended application. Our continued availability to service and repair each Cat Pumps model ensures the continued quality, dependability, and reliability of these pumps. Contact us and we will assist you in selecting the right-sized pump for your industrial pressure washer.