Exploring the Versatility and Dynamic Uses of an Industrial Pressure Washer  


An industrial pressure washer is a useful tool to have in your cleaning arsenal, negating the need for traditional cleaning equipment and the copious hours spent scrubbing down surfaces. Whether your industrial pressure washer is for your business or home, we at Bestline Manufacturing supply Cat Pumps – the most reliable and durable pumps for any type of high-pressure washing system.


Efficient Cleaning Operations with Industrial Pressure Washers


Industrial Pressure Washer

There are thousands of pumps that operate commercial and industrial pressure washers for deep-cleaning applications. In fact, you would be hard-pressed to find a business that doesn’t rely on the continuous duty performance of an industrial pressure washer. Whether stationary or portable, we at Bestline Manufacturing would like to outline the versatility and efficiency that these power washers bring to several businesses and industries.


1. Heavy-Duty Vehicle Wash Bays

An industrial pressure washer is an integral component of mining operations. Taking time to clean earth-moving vehicles results in unnecessary downtime. Heavy-duty power washers, either above or below ground, are relied upon to quickly remove solids, mud, and sand from them.


2. Water Jetting of Pipelines

Obstructions in pipelines cause blocked drains and sewer systems. When a nozzle is attached to the hose of the industrial pressure washer and fed through the piping system, the build-up of debris is swiftly removed. This is a necessity for line maintenance and prevents costly line replacements.


3. Surface Preparation

Before coating or painting, the surface area needs to be properly prepared to ensure product adhesion. An industrial pressure washer is the perfect tool for the job as it cuts down on surface preparation time, and with the smooth, clean finish, once done, it assists in extending the expected life of the coating or paint.


Quality pumps are vital to pressure washers, whether they are run for the entire day or intermittently. With them, you can expect higher productivity, less downtime, lower repair costs, and greater profitability.


Surprising Benefits of a Pressure Washer for Homes


As much as commerce and industry rely on an industrial pressure washer for a deep clean, there are many benefits that these versatile cleaning machines bring to homeowners, which we at Bestline Manufacturing would like to explore with you.


1. Protection from Damage

In high-humidity areas, houses are prone to algae, mould, and mildew growth, which can affect your health. By making a power wash part of the exterior of your home’s regular maintenance, you will prevent the build-up of these problematic compounds.


2. Reduced Risk of Injury

By removing the contaminants from outdoor surfaces, such as driveways and walkways, you will be limiting slip-and-fall accidents that put visitors at risk.


3. Enhanced Kerb Appeal

An industrial pressure washer can transform the outer appearance of your home. Blasting away years of dirt and grime will significantly increase your kerb appeal.


4. Increased Property Value

The value of a property declines if the outside isn’t regularly maintained. You can increase its value by regularly keeping your outdoor entertainment areas and house itself clean with an industrial pressure washer.


5. Avoiding Possible Health Issues

If you or a loved one suffers from a respiratory illness, keeping your home free from triggers, such as mould, goes a long way to relieving these health problems.


Your home is your most valuable investment. Protect it by keeping it clean with an industrial pressure washer.


With a history rooted in the car wash industry, can you afford not to contact us and invest in Cat Pumps to run your industrial pressure washer?