Industrial Pressure Washers from Bestline


Water is useful for cleaning and can be dispensed in many ways, shapes, and forms. At home, water is the base liquid used for cleaning almost everything. The same rings true for commercial and industrial businesses using industrial pressure-washer systems. These high-pressure systems may use water or other liquids that are forced through a closed system at high pressures. When liquid is forced through these systems, a jet of liquid is created. This concept is simple but very effective for industrial cleaning purposes.

The first example of an industrial pressure washer brings us to the wash bays of earthmoving vehicle. These vehicles are large and awkwardly shaped – and they are also bound to be very dirty after a day’s earthmoving activity. Articulated dump trucks are regularly used for earthmoving applications on construction sites and mines. To keep these machines clean requires a high-pressure industrial washing system to remove grime and built-up dirt. High-pressure water jetting is a viable solution. Bestline Manufacturing builds custom wash bays for earthmoving vehicle that meet all the requirements of your business.

Another example of an industrial pressure washer is underground jetting equipment. With complex underground piping systems for sewage in residential areas, it is sometimes impossible to reach a blockage by digging a trench and physically reaching the blocked piping. Therefore, underground water jetting is a practical solution. These systems create high pressure and flow to jet water into the pipes, clearing blockages in the process. They are also useful for cleaning the insides of underground pipe systems, or completely flushing them.

Bestline Manufacturing offers a wide selection of quality Cat Pumps. We also build custom high-pressure industrial washers to meet our customers’ needs. For systems using spray nozzles, we offer CERJET ceramic nozzles that last up to 30 times longer than stainless-steel nozzles. As a result, your industrial pressure washer will last longer and deliver better performance. With high pressure and flow being generated by these water-jetting systems, abrasion wear is always a concern. Therefore, it is advisable to get the highest quality equipment to ensure a useful service life.

Choose Bestline Manufacturing today for all your industrial pressure-washer needs in Johannesburg. Whether you need a new pump for your high-pressure system or a custom-built system, we can be of service. Information on all our available pumps and custom systems can be found on our website. Please contact us with any enquiries and let Bestline take your business to the next level with our selection of industrial pressure-washer solutions.